For the Final Fantasy VII summon, see Choco/Mog.
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Choco (チョコ Choko) is a Chocobo appearing in Final Fantasy IX. He is the main Chocobo in the game and is used to play the Chocobo Hot and Cold minigame. Choco is first found in the Chocobo's Forest, where the Moogle Mene teaches Zidane Tribal how to ride and call Choco with Gysahl Greens. Choco initially starts off as a generic yellow Chocobo, however, he will eventually find Chocographs that lead him to a treasure chests that will grant Choco new abilities that allow him to travel through varying types of terrain.

Choco's StatsSửa đổi

Choco's color What terrain Choco is able to traverse
Yellow Field
Light blue Reef (Must access from beach), River
Red Mountain
Navy Sea (Must access from beach)
Gold Sky (Take off and land in forest)

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