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"A civilization in Centra 4000 years ago. These Centra people immigrated to other continents and founded the Dollet Empire to the west and Esthar to the east. Centra was destroyed 80 years ago by the Lunar Cry."
—"Centra Civilisation", FFVIII Info Corner

Centra (セントラ, Sentora?) was a flourishing civilization in Final Fantasy VIII, which was destroyed by Lunar Cry. The Centra Ruins, Edea's Orphanage, and the mobile shelters are the only remaining artifacts of Centra's civilization.

HistorySửa đổi

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4,000 years prior to the game's events, the Centra civilization spanned the southernmost reaches of the World Map. What little is known about their technology and influence suggests they were a highly mobile people, who would travel distances to explore the world. The modern-day civilizations of Dollet, in the west, and Esthar, in the east, are remnants of the Centra civilization.

The Centra built mobile shelters the size of small cities, able to hover and cross gentle terrain, and which are also capable of planting themselves in the ground. Only three are known to have survived until the present day, in the form of Balamb Garden, Galbadia Garden, and Trabia Garden.

80 years prior to the main storyline Centra was struck by Lunar Cry that annihilated the entire civilization and wiped it from the world map. The only structures left standing were the Centra Ruins and the building that would become Edea's orphanage. According to the Ultimania[1], the Lunar Cry that destroyed Centra brought the Crystal Pillar from the moon and buried it under the Centraian soil, to be dug up later by Esthar.

In the destruction's wake Esthar made strides into becoming the next advanced civilization, while the Dollet Empire splintered into the city-states of Galbadia, Timber, and the Dollet Dukedom.

Architecture and TechnologySửa đổi

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From information based on the few remaining structures the Centraian architecture was similar to real-world ancient Rome. Built with prominent white stone intricate murals and stone pillars were abundant, particularly seen in the example of Edea's Orphanage. The Centra Ruins however, the only other reasonably intact structure, reveals a more mystical structural plan. Although the Roman influence still remains the structure, or at least the remains, is of a diamond shape that rests solely on a point. What is more is that the installation's stonework is threaded with wires and piping alluding to a real-world 1970s to 1980s technology that is also supported by mystical powers.

ReligionSửa đổi

As seen from examples of Centraian ruins the Centra held the Sorceress and the Sorceress Power in high regard. Whether they regarded her as a holy or malevolent force is unknown, however flattering statues and murals have been erected in her image. Such images can be prominently seen in the Centra Ruins. It is possible that the story of the Great Hyne, the origin story of the Sorceress Power, originated from Centra.

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