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The Calm Lands

"The Calm Lands. Long ago, the high summoners fought Sin here. The road ends here. Beyond, there's no towns, no villages. Only endless plains."

The Calm Lands (ナギ平原, Nagi-heigen - Bình nguyên) is a location in the games Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. They fall between Macalania Woods and Mt. Gagazet on the Summoner's pilgrimage to Zanarkand. The Calm Lands, an expanse of wide plains, are notable for being the location where the final battle with Sin was once fought, causing destruction and the formation of a huge rift to its north.


Final Fantasy X[]

The Calm Lands serve as a setting for plot and character development. It is easier to traverse the Calm Lands using chocobos, which become available if Tidus plays a minigame where he can train a chocobo. Along the eastern boundary lies the entrance to the forgotten Remiem Temple, which can only be accessed after training said chocobos, and the Monster Arena, where a man offers to breed particularly difficult monsters for you to hone your skills against, but only if you capture at least one of each monster roaming throughout Spira.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Since the beginning of the Eternal Calm, the Calm Lands have become a place of fun and excitement for travelers. Two rival companies, Argent Inc. and Open Air have set up several minigames for tourists to enjoy. Assisting either or both companies with their publicity campaigns will open up two new games. The Monster Arena has since been abandoned, but should Clasko find his way to the Calm Lands he will see it as the perfect place to set up a Chocobo Ranch. The newly-bred chocobos can then be sent out to discover several hidden dungeons around Spira. Unfortunately the entrance to Remiem Temple has been sealed off and cannot be revisited in X-2.

Enemy Formations[]

Final Fantasy X[]

  • Anacondaur x2
  • Chimera Brain
  • Chimera Brain x2
  • Coeurl, Mech Scouter (flaming) x2
  • Coeurl x2
  • Epaaj, Mech Scouter x2
  • Epaaj, Mech Scouter (flaming) x2
  • Epaaj x2
  • Flame Flan, Mech Scouter, Skoll
  • Flame Flan, Nebiros, Shred
  • Ghost, Mech Scouter (flaming) x2
  • Ogre, Skoll x2
  • Malboro
  • Mech Scouter, Nebiros, Skoll
  • Shiva (Boss)
  • Defender X (Boss)

Open Areas[]

Secret Areas[]

  • Remiem Temple (Final Fantasy X)
  • Amazing Chocobo Dungeon (Final Fantasy X-2)


  • Tidus' Celestial Weapon, Caladbolg, is found in a small cave to the northwest.
  • The Sun Sigil, needed to enhance the power of the Caladbolg, can be won in the Chocobo Races.
  • The Aeon's Soul is awarded to Yuna after facing Belgemine's Aeon for the third time. It allows the Aeons to learn abilities by using items.

Musical Themes[]

"Yuna's Determination"
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The theme that plays in the Calm Lands in known as "Yuna's Determination".


  • The Archylte Steppe from Final Fantasy XIII looks like Calm Lands - both have vast plains and are surrounded by valleys and mountains.