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"Galbadia's long-range missile base. As the only country to own long range missiles with the exception of Esthar, they pose a major security threat to the world. It is believed that the missiles are armed with a target-lock mechanism. The details are unknown."
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Tập tin:Missile Base 5.jpg

Intercontinental Missiles being prepared to fire.

Căn cứ tên lửa Galbadia (ガルバディア軍ミサイル基地, Garubadia-gun Misairu-kichi) là một địa điểm trong Final Fantasy VIII.

Cốt truyện[]

Cảnh báo: bên dưới là những điều mà tiết lộ trước sẽ làm mất thú vị khi chơi game, chỉ nên đọc khi đã chơi qua một lần. (Bỏ qua đoạn này)

After the party's escape from D-District Prison, Squall and his friends learn that Galbadia is planning to fire missiles at Balamb and Trabia Gardens, in retaliation of Sorceress Edea's failed assassination. Selphie, her old home Trabia Garden being one of the Gardens to be terminated, volunteers to sneak into the Missile Base to divert the missiles' course. The player can choose two other party members for the mission.

No matter what options are chosen in this mission, however, missiles will destroy Trabia Garden. Balamb Garden escapes the barrage by activating its ancient mobility functions. The Galbadian soldiers charged with the Missile Base's supervision manage to reactivate the missiles targeting Balamb Garden while Selphie and the others run for their lives after Selphie activated the base's self-destruct mechanism. They survive the blast by taking cover inside the shell of a robotic boss they encounter, and later meet up with Squall and his party at Fisherman's Horizon.

Kẻ thù[]

  • Galbadian Soldiers
  • Elite Soldiers
  • Thrustaevis
  • Geezard
  • Belhelmel
  • SAM08G
  • Base Soldier
  • Base Leader
  • BGH251F2 (boss)


Tập tin:Missile Base 2.jpg

Front Gate.

Front Gate

The front gate is similar in look and design to most modern day high security military institutions. Raisable concrete barricades block the road entrance until visitor security is checked out by the security gate check, only then are people allowed within the base's fortified concrete walls.

Tập tin:Missile Base 3.jpg

Surface Complex.

Surface Complex

Again, like modern day bases, the surface complex consists of numerous bunkers and hangers as well as a cleared launch area for the missiles.

Tập tin:Missile Base 4.jpg

Internal Complex.

Internal Complex

The internal complex goes down into the ground of the base and contains the main technical operation rooms and storage facilities that allow missile target and tracking as well as the launch major controls.


The missile base was located in the south of the Great Plains of Galbadia, until it was destroyed by Selphie's team during gameplay.

Tập tin:Missile Base Loc.jpg

Location of the Missile Base, indicated by crosshair.


Tập tin:Missile base iron clad.png

BGH251F2 seen on the background.

  • In one the screens BGH251F2 can be seen on the background, though covered up.
  • The base has a terminal with an option to view the various equipment involved in the missile strike. By holding down Triangle-button.png and Square-button.png and by pressing up or down, the player can witness get hidden views of a Soldier and an Elite Soldier dancing on the monitor.
  • The key card Selphie uses to break into the base is later found in a jeep abandoned in the middle of the desert.
  • While the main story only involves Selphie entering the complex, Squall also has a chance to enter (or at least approach the gate) earlier on before or after reaching Deling City on disc one.