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Bobby Corwen is a Chocobo in Final Fantasy IX. His egg is found by two Black Mages who take him back to their home in the Black Mage Village and watch over the egg. They even stop Quina as s/he tries to eat the egg when the party first visits the village. When it hatches, they raise him as if he were their own child with love and affection. The Black Mages do not join the others with Kuja because they are too busy looking after the egg. The egg hatches whilst the village is empty, all except for the party, the two Black Mages and Black Mage 288. Upon it's hatching the two Black Mages experience an overwhelming happy feeling and appear to be crying with joy over his birth. Vivi also feels this and from this reason, he believes that him and his Black Mage brothers can not be puppets if they could experience such joy.

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Bobby Corwen

The Mages often refer to the Chocobo by his full name, much to the annoyance of Eiko. One of the Genomes believes Bobby to be a monster as he is unaccustomed to life on Gaia but later grows attached to the Chocobo.

It can be noted that the first two letters of both his first and last names spell "Boco", the name of Bartz's chocobo in Final Fantasy V.