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Artania stands next to the Regent.

"It's good to see you, Princess."
—Artania as Garnet arrives in Lindblum

Artania, named in the Japanese version as "オルベルタ" (Oruberuta), is Cid's favorite minister in Final Fantasy IX. He greets the party when they arrive in Lindblum for the first time and quickly arranges for an audience with Regent Cid for them.

After Lindblum is attacked by Queen Brahne, it is Artania who discreetly leads the party to Cid's chambers without alerting the Alexandrian Soldiers to their presence. Artania is often present when the party strategize their next move in Lindblum and offers advice and counsel when he can. He is also present when Zidane and Doctor Tot accidentally turn the Regent into a frog. He is frequently referred to by Garnet as "Uncle Artania".