Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood - второе расширение Final Fantasy XIV, анонсированное в 2016 году на Fan Fest, было выпущено на ПК, Macintosh и PlayStation 4. Выпущено было 20 июня 2017 года. Оно знаменует собой конец эры Final Fantasy XIV на PlayStation 3, так как с запуском расширения прекратилась поддержка данной платформы.[1]

Расширение предлагает искателям приключений отправиться в Гир Абанию, регион на востоке Альденарда, и континент Отард, чтобы освободить города-государства Ала Миго и Дома от гнёта Гарлеанской империи.


  • The expansion automatically increases the level cap to 70 for all disciplines.
  • The battle system will be revamped. One change is that cross-class skills will now be determined by role rather than specific classes.
  • New jobs Red Mage and Samurai.
  • New areas are said to be comparable to Heavensward areas in size. Flying mounts supported.
  • Players will be able to go swimming and diving in bodies of water.
  • New locations: in Othard can be found the Ruby Sea, home to pirates and the Kojin beast tribe; Yanxia, home to the Garlean-occupied Doma; and the Azim Steppe, ancestral home of the Au Ra. The Fringes, The Peaks, and The Lochs make up Gyr Abania.
  • Two new cities: Rhalgr's Reach in Gyr Abania, and Kugane in Hingashi. Both are smaller than previous capitals, taking up only single map each.
  • A new far eastern styled housing area, Shirogane, in Hingashi.
  • Two new Beast Tribes, the Ananta, a serpentine tribe, and the Kojin, a tortoise-like tribe.
  • New Primals, including the Ananta primal Lakshmi, Lady of Bliss, and the Kojin primal Susano, Lord of the Revel.
  • A new high-end raid: Interdimensional Rift - Omega, the Bend of Time.
  • A new 24-man raid series: Return to Ivalice, with a story written by Yasumi Matsuno.
  • Exploratory missions set in The Forbidden Land of Eureka.
  • The inventory system will be expanded.


Основные обновления

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Note that the below version updates also added features and adjustments to A Realm Reborn (2.x) or Heavensward (3.x) content.

Patch 4.1

Naoki Yoshida confirmed the development of a 4.1 patch.

It was mentioned they would add the possibility to use the Grand Companies' Adventurer Squadrons system on instanced dungeons as party members.

It was also confirmed they'll allow players to buy more than one "Adventuring Records" for jobs boost.


Интересные факты

  • The literal name of the expansion in Japanese is Guren no Kaihō-sha (紅蓮の解放者), which translates to "Liberators of the Crimson Lotus". However, the term Kaihō-sha (解放者) is meant to be read as Riberēta (リベレータ) in accordance with the furigana provided.
  • As with his Batman/James Bond teases for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, director Naoki Yoshida wore a Scarlet Witch shirt to the announcement event to tease a new upcoming class. Scarlet Witch is a synonym for Red Mage. At another event he wore a Spider-Man shirt to tease a different class, which was a much more obscure connection - namely the similar spelling between film director Sam Raimi, who directed the 2000s Spider-Man trilogy, and Samurai.



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