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[[{{{1}}}|<span class="SL">{{{1}}}</span>]]

This template functions exactly like a normal link would, but gives a different color. SL is the shorthand for "Special Link". This is to be used in place of usual links on tables where the Manual of Style says to use white text.

Typing [[Firion]] will show as Firion whereas {{SL|Firion}} will show as Firion. Typing [[Cloud Strife|Cloud]] will show as Cloud whereas {{SL|Cloud Strife|Cloud}} will show as Cloud.

Another parameter in the template allows the user to change the color of the link. It also means that the color does not change if the link has previously been visited. Typing {{SL|Balamb Garden|color=#CC0000}} will appear as Balamb Garden and typing {{SL|Treno|Dark City Treno|color=#00CCCC}} will give Dark City Treno.