I'm not trying to be smug or anything, as it hardly matters, but all of the following userboxes were created by me. Of course, all but one of them were created partly for my own use, though of course I'm perfectly happy for others to use them. The only one I haven't used myself is "The Pervert", for two reasons. Firstly, I've never actually played FFT (so the music isn't particularly familiar to me), but having listened to it on its article, I can't say I really like it. It's ok, but not so much that I'd use the userbox. Secondly, I will be honest and admit that I only made the userbox because it was a rather irresistable opportunity, given the name :P

45px-YouTube.png This user has their own channel on YouTube.
Code: {{user YouTube}}   (edit, links)
th_TWEWY_wiki_editor.png This user edits the TWEWY Wiki as [[w:c:twewy:User:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]].
Code: {{User TWEWYWiki}}   (edit, links)
PuzzlesWiki This user edits Puzzles Wiki as [[w:c:puzzles:User:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]].
Code: {{User PuzzlesWiki}}   (edit, links)
User aspie This user has Aspergers Syndrome.
Code: {{User aspie}}   (edit, links)
th_ZPlogo.png This user likes Zero Punctuation (despite Yahtzee's poor opinion of JRPGs)
Code: {{User:Sorceror Nobody/User ZP}}   (edit, links)
Orphan Profile This user overreaches you.
Code: {{user orphan}}   (edit, links)
Final Fantasy VII World In-Game Map This user has played a rather familiar tune on Tifa's piano.
Code: {{User VIItheme}}   (edit, links)
FF8 Ultimecia Final This user has faced The Extreme.
Code: {{user Extreme}}   (edit, links)
FFX-2YunaLenne This user has 1000 Words that have never been spoken.
Code: {{user 1000words}}   (edit, links)
FFT-Queklain This user's just doing the Helldance... unless they're actually The Pervert!
Code: {{user pervert}}   (edit, links)
Ffxiii This user has been
Blinded by Light.
Code: {{user blinded}}   (edit, links)
Dissidia Cosmos This user is standing at the gate.
Ready to let go, ready for the crush.
Dissidia Chaos
Code: {{user messenger}}   (edit, links)

I also created the religion userboxes, and you can see the discussion leading to their development on my talk page. Also note that only the first ten are proper serious ones, and the remaining six are intended for entertainment purposes only.

User atheist
This user identifies as atheist.
Code: {{user atheist}}   (edit, links)
This user identifies as agnostic.
Code: {{User agnostic}}   (edit, links)
Christianity This user identifies as Christian.
Code: {{User christian}}   (edit, links)
This user identifies as Jewish.
Code: {{user jew}}   (edit, links)
This user identifies as Muslim.
Code: {{user muslim}}   (edit, links)
This user identifies as Hindu.
Code: {{User hindu}}   (edit, links)
This user identifies as Sikh.
Code: {{user sikh}}   (edit, links)
This user identifies as Buddhist.
Code: {{user buddhist}}   (edit, links)
This user identifies as Humanist.
Code: {{user humanist}}   (edit, links)
No disclose
This user prefers not to disclose their religious beliefs (or lack thereof).
Code: {{user undisclosed}}   (edit, links)
This user identifies as a Yevonite.
Code: {{user yevonite}}   (edit, links)
Feolthanos Exultant RW
This user identifies as a
follower of Feolthanos.
Code: {{User feolthanos}}   (edit, links)
This user identifies as a follower of the Occuria.
Code: {{user occuria}}   (edit, links)
This user identifies as a member
of the Cult of Kefka.
Code: {{user kefkacult}}   (edit, links)
300px-Kingdom Hearts
This user identifies as a
seeker of Kingdom Hearts,
the source of all Hearts!
Code: {{user khseeker}}   (edit, links)
This user identifies
as a Pastafarian.
Code: {{user pastafarian}}   (edit, links)

These relate primarily to userspace and forumspace activities and pages:

RPGcliches patroller
This user is an RPG Clichés Patroller!
Aeris Portrait This user identifies as being at
Gainsborough Level 0
Likes FF way too much This user most definitely likes
Final Fantasy WAY too much
(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)
{{user toomuch}}
(edit, talk, links)
Flan-ffvi-ios Blop-blop-blop! Come to the Flan's Elbow Colosseum
and give us your votes! The fight running this week is
The Doctor vs Sherlock
TA2-Vaan-spr This user really doesn't mind Vaan. Seriously, why does everyone bash
him so much? Try looking at this.
(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)
Orphan Profile This user has completed 0
out of 9 of SN's challenges!
Card026 This user has done 0 out of 3 of
SN's quizzes, scoring 0% overall!
DFF Chest
This user's Treasure Hunt
score is at least 20 pts!
(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)

Primarily inspired by my collection of quotes here, these are custom character boxes:

Vincent Portrait
This user doesn't care what
you're doing
, so much as the
idiotic way you're doing it...

Ffccrof artem
This user knows you're there...
they can sense your presence...
they can smell your money!

This user eats

(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)
Yuffie Portrait
If this user knew this was gonna happen, they would've taken rope escape lessons more seriously!!

Uwee hee hee... Game over! Don't tease this user, kids!

Tifa Portrait
This user wishes you would stop acting like a retard and climb!

(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)

These are just other miscellaneous personal boxes:

Userb 4elem This user isn't of any one element,
but can control them all at whim!
fgbird.png This user knows that
the bird is the word!
Tardis3-1.png This user is a fan
of Doctor Who!
(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)
{{User:Sorceror_Nobody/Blue box}}
(edit, talk, links)
RaptorsA.png This user is extremely scared of raptors RaptorsB.png
This user has too
many userboxes
This user has too
many userboxes
This user has too
many userboxes
This user has too
many userboxes
(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)

Finally, I have a few custom userboxes that pick out some of the things that Square-Enix has done wrong over the years:

Aeris Portrait This user doesn't give a damn
if Square wants to retcon it.
FFXI logo This user thinks that only an idiot decides to put an online game in the main series
FFVI logo This user loves FFVII, but thinks that a 3D remake of FFVI would be way cooler!
(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)
Luca-City This user hates the laughing scene
in FFX. Then again, so does every other sane person in the universe
GilgameshFFVI This user is disappointed that Clash on the Big Bridge wasn't included in FFVI Advance or Revenant Wings
90x60px This user thinks that putting
a second online game in the main series is beyond idiocy
(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)
(edit, talk, links)

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