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The name is Moglet, kupo. as you can tell from the habit of saying kupo, kupo. I love moogles, kupo!


now listening to: Four Fiend of the Elements - Hyadain

Rave/Rant of the EveningEdit

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Name: Moglet

Gender: male


  • FF game: Final Fantasy III (either DS or SNES).
  • Food: Undetermined.
  • Band: Asian-Kung Fu Generation.
  • Game series: changes, usually Legend of Zelda.
  • Race: Moogle, duh, kupo.
  • 2nd fav. race: Minish, pico.
  • Hero: Mog
  • 2nd fav. hero: Locke Cole
  • Villain: Kefka Palazzo
  • Word: kupo, kupo!

Specialty: spriting link title

Sprite WorkEdit

Now ladies and gentlemen, kupo. moogles and chocobo, kupo. Espers and Aeons, kupo. it's the moment you've all ben waiting for, kupo. it's Mog and the Kefkaettes, kupo!

Kefkas: why are we dancing?

Me: Be quiet, kupo!

Mog: DANCE, SLAVES, DANCE, KUPO! KefkadanceFile:Mogdance.gifKefkadance Media:Chocobo_theme.ogg

not exactly a sprite but... Final Fantasy XIV logo WHHOA! can it be true? did they already start it? Answer: no, I made it! impressive no? here is the tutorial


  • I Have never broken a bone in my body.
  • I have the extraordinary ability to turn what should be bad luck (if you're superstitious) into good luck For this reason I love Friday the 13ths.
  • For some odd reason wherever I go I see lowercase I's in words in which every other letter is capitalized. must be that synchronicity thing.
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