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Job Class Blue Dragoon
Race Highwindian
Hometown Bayonne NJ
Date of Birth 1991
Age 18
Height 5' 10"
Blood Type B+
IQ 132
Weapon Lance of Longinus
Spells Big Guard, White Wind, Aqualung, Beta, 1000 Needles, Trine, Dark Holy, and Shadowflare
Accomplishments Beating Emerald and Ruby WEAPONS, completing the Pokedex in Pokemon FireRed, 40 detentions, 4 suspensions, 3 fights, and just plain old badassness
Final Fantasy Wiki Character

...Lowlifes. ...Shameless filthy wretches. How you celebrate my ascension with such joy. Hailing the very one you have condemned for generations. Have you no shame? What happened to the evil, ruthless sorceress from your fantasies? The cold-blooded tyrant that slaughtered countless men and destroyed many nations? Where is she now? She stands before your very eyes to become your new ruler. A new era has just begun. This is reality. No one can help you. Sit back and enjoy the show. Rest assured, you fools. Your time will come. This is only the beginning. Let us start a new reign of terror. I will let you live a fantasy beyond your imagination. (Let us end this ceremony with a sacrifice)

Edea Kramer's Inauguration Address

The Compilation's full of more holes than Zack. Let's all just be honest about that.

Obscure Poet

Hello Space Monkies and welcome to my user page. I am BlueHighwind (but you can call me Blue; don't you dare call me "BH"!!) and I kick ass. I'm also the rudest and baddest dude here, yet still a proud member of our little "cabal". Best described as delusionally self-obsessed, I believe without even the slightest bit of proof that I am destined for greatness. Despite my dreams of Wings, I have no authority of any kind in any fashion, so stop assuming that. My only title is "Moderator", an empty position of no real power. The only perk I get is the dancing Cactuar. I happen to like the Legend of Zelda series much better than Final Fantasy, but strangely I edit here. I'm also perverted, sarcastic, and possibly insane.

Explaining the name: 'Blue' is the default name I use for all video games in which you choose the main character's name. So in Final Fantasy VII, instead of Cloud, the spiky-blond-haired guy was called Blue in my file. The practice originated from when I first played Pokemon Blue Version back in 1999, when one of the choice names was 'Blue'. I found the name so interesting, I've been using it ever since. 'Highwind' is the surname of Dragoons.

As of this moment, I no longer give a shit. Do a terrible job on an article - not my problem. Miscategorize an image or upload a dup - fuck you. Why should I care? I'm not helping anymore. This editing shit is for the birds, man. I'm just going to finish my last Walkthrough, and then get out of this dump. Its time I moved on, I'm getting nowhere really fast here.

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(Except VIII - too fucking awful)
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Tales From the Q?

To see past Tales From the Q?, go here. Currently reborn off wiki here: [1] Would like at least one reader at some point.

The Tales From the Q? are a rambling series of largely incoherent rants, fiction, musings, and other assorted works by Eric Fuchs (AKA: BlueHighwind), as inspired by his almighty emblem, the Q?. They are one part diary, one part opinion column, but all utter and complete insanity. This is my soul stumbling through the dark in a desperate search for the way to truth. However, all I usually find is anime and tits, because that's probably what I'm really after in the end.

I write this final tale almost exactly two years after I joined this wiki back on August 22nd, 2007. That's something of a fitting date, since soon enough I'll be logging off this wiki, without any intention to return. I hate how sad this final tale turned out, but what can I do?

My original plan then was a simple one: write a walkthrough so unbelievably offensive and horrible that this wiki would have no choice but to ban me - for a constructive edit. You see, back then, I was (and still am every so often) a Vandal. But being banned for the normal crap was played. I needed to be banned for doing something that was on some level helpful for a wiki. I guess I held back, since I failed miserably at it. Soon enough I found myself stuck doing something I never guessed I would: editing a wiki with intent to increase it. Not to destroy but to create.

Unfortunately most of what I wanted to create was FFVII stuff, and I ran out of that months ago.

Since that time I've personally written something like three or four dozen full articles, written nine walkthroughs, uploaded over 1000 images to the wiki, and completed dozens of little tiny edits. In the end, my edit count stands at over 30000, making me a strong second behind ILHI in most total gross edits for this wiki. I have a good feeling that I'm going to be in that spot for a very long time.

People seem to have this weird idea that I am the most important User here, something I truly have to doubt. Prominent - maybe. Often confused for an Admin - definitely. Important - no. I came here when the wiki was celebrating its 5000th article. Now we're almost up to 11000. Only a fraction of that work is me. Perhaps a bigger than average one, but certainly not a key one. The way the wiki looks, functions, and acts today has absolutely nothing to do with what I've said, done, or argued. In fact, whenever it came to major decisions, I've always been the one on the wrong side. Again and again I have despised every kind of standardization, regulation, and group interpretation of this wiki. I hate rules that I haven't imposed myself. "Doesn't Work Well With Others" said my Second Grade Report Card.

And yet, somehow I still feel a grudge that I was not made an Admin and was in fact passed over for people who joined the wiki after me. There's little logic behind it, but still the feeling is there. There's no hatred to anyone in particular, its just a blind empty emotion that I try to suppress.

Honesty time: I had a plan this whole time of becoming an Admin and then doing all I could to destroy the wiki before Wikia had to intervene personally. I figure that no Admin has ever gone Vandal before. Sadly I was never made an Admin, and so my dream was never fulfilled. Despite that, I've been banned eight times, once for a constructive edit in whose summary I included a racist epitaph. I've also vandalized this wiki in numerous fake guises, usually just little things here and there. Like this: [2]. Also, I found out the legendary Eileen's password and started vandalizing in her name, which finally got her banned forever. Most famously I was RedHighwind, the Bizarro BlueHighwind. I pretended to be my sister when I realized that I might actually get banned for that. Yes, that was me, Space Monkies. DUH.

Am I going to miss you all? Yes indeed. (Well, not Henryacores, I won't miss you. Fuck you, motherfucker.) As for you others, if you want to stay in touch, I can always use a pen pal.

But its time that I left. Many have noted that I'm an incredibly egocentric person, so obviously choosing to leave largely is choice made for me, not you. Think of this way, what am I accomplishing here? Basically nothing. Nobody has read what I've done. Nothing I've done is even worthy of a special note in the Wiki History. My leaving today will get no mark at all because I'm not an Admin. This is an extremely obscure forum for one to talk to the world to. I want to continue the Tales From the Q? especially, but only thirty people read this. What's the bloody point?

Not to mention that editing this wiki is actually a rather pathetic excuse for avoiding growing up. I'm never one to mince words, especially not to myself. I'm treading water here, keeping with something that is unbelievably pointless to avoid making any big decisions and living my real life. Tomorrow I'm going to leave home and go to college. Just writing that sentence is pretty damn frightening in itself. Its time for a change. I can't be BlueHighwind forever, at some point I have to be Eric Fuchs. There's a world to conquer out there.

So, in sadness, I must say in the end:

HASTA LA BYE BYE. Goodbye, Space Monkies.

PS: One last piece of business I must attend to. About the Shinra News, please don't change the name on me now that I'm gone. Also, if somebody would take over running it for me, you'd have my thanks. And please, next time you guys get into an argument over which tag to put on a page, don't be such bitches. Look at the big picture more often.

PPS: End Game, will you marry me?


My main role at this wiki used to be just a Walkthrough writer. Now I spend more time in the Main Space. But when I find the time, I still work on these many projects. Most are already finished:

Final Fantasy IV DS Walkthrough

FFIVnds logo

This is a Walkthrough of a fairly mediocre game that is beloved for reasons that I don't fully understand. I was suckered into this one by really awesome commercials. My bad. Read No. 7, Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough.

Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough

The newest project yet. This one was motivated largely by a need to connect my already finished walkthroughs of FFIV, and FFV to FFVII, thus giving a beautiful four game-in-a-row streak. Also, lot's of people were begging for it like a naked schoolgirl with her legs open. I give you Walkthrough No. 8: Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough.

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

Please do show your appreciation of my greatness by reading my very first walkthrough, the Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough (No. 1). In just a mere 20 days or so I have completed an entire walkthrough of Final Fantasy VII, the greatest game in the whole series. Because I wrote in only 20 days, it happens to be the most unproffesional and poorly written walkthrough of them all. What can I say? It was my first time. We are always sloppy in our first times. Good thing I went back and fixed all that nonsense.

Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

This is my second walkthrough. I thought it impossible to top the pure awesomeness that was my Final Fantasy VII walkthrough, but I still did it. This is by far my finest work yet. I mean this is Shakespeare compared to my FFVII walkthrough. I am so proud of my greatest child. So enjoy my No. 2, Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough.

Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

My fourth walkthrough and my first even numbered work. Its not my favorite game of the series but still somebody had to do it, and since The Kaizer and Crazyswords had both given, so I had to take the stage and walkthrough this bitch. Here it is, No. 4: Final Fantasy X Walkthrough.

Note: Crazyswords eventually did finish his version after I wrote mine. My version is better.

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough

FFXII is the greatest game of the series. Yes, I know I just said that about FFVII, but now I have to disagree with myself. FFXII wins, there really wasn't any competition, the fact that I refused to see it until now just shows how stupid I've been for awhile. But anyway, I can't allow the best game of the series to go untouched by my hand. This is me ending on a high note, No. 9 and final: Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough.

Final Fantasy Tactics Walkthrough

Final Fantasy Tactics Lion War logo

Nobody has ever made an effective FFT walkthrough. And to a large extent, even though I finished this gigantic 57 page Walkthrough, its still true. I consider this to be my most "Magical" Walkthrough, because during playing the game for research purposes, I did the impossible. No shit. Well, if nothing else this is the best looking Walkthrough yet, utilizing real coding and thinking instead of the lazy things I've done earlier. Its also the one that I can safely say was done without any help from Gamefaqs at all! All their Walkthroughs on the subject suck due to a severe lack of hard information and the assumption that normals players will have "Holy" in Chapter 1 (what are they on?). Mine sucks in that special "BlueHighwind" way: Final Fantasy Tactics Walkthrough (No. 6).

BlueHighwind Medal of Honor


BlueHighwind Medal of Honor

Thank you for Helping out the Final Fantasy Wiki (AKA: Me). You have proven yourself a loyal servant of this wiki and an all around fine fellow. Pat yourself on the back and shout from the rooftops about how awesome you are. Go out and kiss the first chick you see, once you have received this honor you will be irresistible to all women. This medal is also legal tender in Burkina Faso. Q?

The BlueHighwind Medal of Honor is the most prestigous award that you can get in this wiki, mostly because its the only award anyone gives out around here (well it was, until eight people ripped-off my idea - AGAIN). Those who recieve it have proven themselves great servants to the wiki's message, or have done something otherwise exceptional. And yes, it is actual legal tender in Burkina Faso. If you're wondering, its worth 1,211.97 West African CFA francs - or in real money, two Euros. President Blaise Compaoré, owed me a favor.

To avoid confusion, by "the Final Fantasy Wiki", I'm talking about me and what I want. Because I know best.

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