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Perhaps the most infamous debate in the history of the series, the debate has raged for years over who is better; Kefka Palazzo of Final Fantasy VI or Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII. The two of them serve as perhaps the most popular villains of the entire series and come from two of the most respected games in the series as well. Thousands of debates across the internet and several YouTube videos are a testament to their fans not having anything better to do with their time.

Kefka vs. Sephiroth debates often begin civilly but inevitably become polluted with blind fanboys and invariably become a game of "can he top this?" until both sides just don't care anymore. Dozens of reasons are given in favor of why one of them is better than the other, some valid, most not. Other fanboys suggest reasons other villains are better than both of them, but are usually mugged in their sleep.

Gilgamesh Alt Images

Reasons Why Garland is Better

Dissidia Garland

Garland, the ultimate badass of the Final Fantasy series.

I, Garland, will knock you all down!

Garland, using the only words he knows.

Will, Garland, knock I all down you!

Garland, opting to have his quote rephrased.

I, Garland, will knock you all up!

Garland, upon meeting the girls of Dissidia


Pretty much everyone


The OTHER girls of Dissidia on the above quote

Oh the fan boys may stop arguing here, but I will say on a Kefka fan site that Sephiroth is the greatest. Then I'll go to a Sephiroth fan site and say Kefka is the greatest... where on the forums and comments the arguments will start again! In two weeks I won't remember any of this. But the rage and hate will be reborn again here. So even as the fans stop arguing again and again, I shall start them over! Born again in this ENDLESS CYCLE that I have wrought!

Garland, reveling it was he who started the Kefka and Sephiroth fan war.
  1. Garland doesn't need to wear any fancy outfits. He's got armor that just reeks of machismo.
  2. Garland was the first villain in the series and, as Ricky Bobby taught us all: "If you ain't first, you're last!"
  3. If you don't like Garland, he will like totally knock you all down.
  4. Garland totally boned Princess Sarah. Oh, don't look at me like that. What do you think he was doing during those fifteen minutes before the Warriors of Light showed up?
  5. He's in 8-bit Theater. Automatic win, right there.
  6. He bakes a mean sugar cookie.
  7. He transforms into Chaos, nothing left to say.
  8. His armor is one of the coolest to ever be designed. His blade is one of the coolest in the series.
  9. He seems to actually understand the whole time loop thing. Who else can say that? (Aside from Ultimecia.)
  10. He is revived two times: first in the past, and then in his time. And after that he's still alive. And then, he's STILL alive after his spin-off/sequel. Take that, Golbez and Sephiroth!
  11. His sword is WAAAY bigger than Cloud's (no innuendo).
  12. He understands that the debate of who is the better heroes and villains is a ENDLESS CYCLE!!!!!!!!
  13. All the villains in Dissidia have their big meeting at his place.
  14. He is an actual knight, which gives him a reason to wear that badass armor.
  15. He was the one who started the Kefka Sephiroth war! HE TRULY IS EVIL!!!!
  16. He killed Omega Weapon and all the Summoned Monsters in his world. Has any of the other villains killed Omega and summoned monsters? Didn't think so.
  17. His fear of forest imps is totally rational and justified...
  18. Garland not only appeared in Dissidia, but he appeared in it TWICE AT THE SAME TIME!
  19. Garland will knock you down. Enough said.
  20. Garland is Chaos 2000 years in the past! Bet the Light Warriors didn't see that one coming!
  21. Garland knocked everyone else on this list down, including UBOAR!!!, Mama's Boy, That Damned Clown, Darth Vader, a Pissy Tree and Darth Vader's evil brother.
  22. During Dissidia's opening FMV, Garland bitchslapped Sephiroth's Girlfriend, Automatic win.
  23. Garland didn't spar with Jecht because his sheer awesomeness would have destroyed Jecht, who was a whale once. No villain has, nor will ever destroy a whale just by being awesome.
  24. Garland (sorta) PWNed the four fiends, along with every monster in the world, and made them ALL his bitches. He then used them to let himself from the past PWN them, creating an ENDLESS CYCLE!!!!!!!!!

Reasons Why Chaos is Better


Chaos, the first final boss of the series.

I'am you Chaos.


Oh great I'm a dumbass knight.

Chaos realizing he's an idiot.

Care to arm wrestle?


HONEEEY, did you remember to take out the garbage?

Cosmos, on household duties

AWWWWW, not now, the game is on!

Chaos, on shirking one's duties
  1. Chaos is the god of dischord.
  2. Chaos was the first final boss of the series.
  3. He looks like the devil.
  4. Screw that, he IS the devil.
  5. Chaos and Cosmos had something going on.(Note from Squall -Technically if Chaos is Garland then that makes Cosmos his mom you idiots).
  6. He has the strongest summon Shinryu.
  7. He has more arms than anyone (except for Gilgamesh and the Dark King)
  8. He created the 4 fiends, who were the main enemies up until his appearance!
  9. He can play with fire and NOT repeat NOT get burned. Take that life lessons
  10. All the other villains bow before him.
  11. The note from Squall in reason #5 is actually a good reason to make him a better villain.

Reasons Why Emperor Palamecia is Better

Dissidia Mateus

Be nice, children. Or the evil emperor will eat your soul!


FFII cast


Mateus, on realizing no one likes him

Excuse me but, what is "Ubooaar"?

Tidus, in Dissidia

I will rule all of you!

Mateus to the other villains, who don't spare a glance.

Sweety kome back to bed.

Ultimecia to Mateus.
  1. He has a transsexual counterpart.
  2. He didn't need to have sex with his mommy or drain the power of Espers to become strong; he already was. After all, he can summon devils with no apparent reason Do I smell a plothole?
  3. He appears on FFII, Da b3st gam3 3var!!1!!
  4. He died, and then separated into two beings...and then both of them died, AGAIN. He died on two different planes of existence at the same time!
  5. He killed Ricard Highwind, the first Dragoon and the first Highwind.
  6. Even in a kimono and as a transsexual, he's more manly than Kuja in a thong.
  7. He has a badass spear.
  8. Instead of stabbing people with said badass spear, he uses it to write magical incantations in midair. It's so five minutes ago to actually FIGHT with weapons. This man (?) is far too classy for that!
  9. He knows it's better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven. Or something...?
  10. He looks like a certain Goblin King.
  11. He has a pet Behemoth! Do you have a pet Behemoth? I think not!
  12. He was totally boned by Ultimecia in Dissidia. Oh, don't look at me like that. What do you think they were doing while they waited for the Warriors of Cosmos to arrive?
  13. He led the troops of Chaos in Dissidia. Come on, one of the least popular villains led all the others (except Sephiroth, who was too busy running around with Cloud and talking about dis pear).
  14. Along with Ultimecia, he was planning to overthrow all of the other villains, including Chaos, the God of Frickin' Discord. Now THAT'S badass.
  15. He crossdressed as a goddess and seduced Genesis in Crisis Core.
  16. He has an AWESOME deathcry, which he kept in Dissidia. UBOOAAAR!!
  17. He builds a gigantic airship to destroy the Rebel scum. Too bad an orphaned rebel manages to destroy the core...
  18. When that doesn't stop the Rebels, he creates a giant cyclone with a fortress in it to destroy random cities and watches the destruction from the top floor.
  19. He makes a deal with Satan, backs out at the last minute and takes over Hell. BAD. ASS.
  20. In Dissidia, he chose to end himself, Cosmos, and the entire war just because he didn't like being strung along by Chaos. Not only that, he used EVERYBODY, including the other villains, to accomplish this goal without ANYONE knowing it. What a guy!
  21. He only died because he FELT like it!
  22. He poisoned a whole bunch of wyverns years before Kefka was a glimmer in Sakaguchi's eye.
  23. He's manly enough to wear high heels.
  24. He's the master manipulator.
  25. He's so polite he calls his enemies gentlemen.
  26. He hooked up with Ultimecia, his 'China Girl'. She may not be popular but have you seen that rack? Lucky bastard.
  27. Look at him- He's David Bowie!
  28. He Sold The World. Have You? Thought not.
  29. He knows some Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), as well as some "Heroes".
  30. His real name is so awesome no one can say it in game.
  31. His real name means "Gift of God."
  32. He's Portuguese, according to his name.

Reasons Why Xande Is Better


Xande. What else is there to say?

There was a Final Fantasy III?

The fans on Xande

Well, I sure don't remember it.

  1. He's the color of plums, and plums are awesome.
  2. His motive is - *gasp* - fairly logical.
  3. The anticipation factor.
  4. He knows some nice-looking clouds.
  5. He has a frickin' clone, man! Do you have a clone?
  6. He's too cool to appear in Dissidia. He's gonna have a party with all the other villain rejects; THAT will show them!
  7. He doesn't wear a shirt. You know only badass people don't have to wear shirts.
  8. Take one look at his hair

Reasons Why Cloud of Darkness Is Better

Cloud of darkness

Cloud of Darkness, FF's pre-Tifa.



Told you she was hot!

Xande, to the Light Warriors, just before being eaten by the Cloud of Darkness

Uwe he he!!!

Ultros for several reasons.

Not even I would wear that.

Kuja, on CoD's lack of clothes

Bitch must be krazy.

Ultimecia, agreeing with Kuja

Stop showing off.


Wait a minute, are you really a lady?



Everyone else

HOT DAMN!!!! (gets impaled by tentacles) why does this keep happening?...

  1. She has a specific strategy to kill. Defy it and die.
  2. Plus, technically, she doesn't wear clothes. The rest of these bosses can't withstand the afteraffect - well, ALMOST every boss.
  3. She's so evil, Square-Enix had to lock her in a suit of armor in order to lower her evil potential.
  4. Tentacles = win. (Unless you're the Dark King, in which case, sorry - you still fail.)
  5. Her new Dissidia form, taken directly from the original artwork, is sluttier than ANYONE before or after her. Including Kuja!
  6. She has a claw covering one of her breasts. That's pretty hot.
  7. She was the first female final boss in Final Fantasy!
  8. Her goal is to return all existence to nothingness. If she were to succeed, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest would disappear forever and Drake Clawfang would dance in the streets for seventeen days while Ultimecia threw confetti on Kuja's head. You all know you want to see that. (Ignore the fact that you wouldn't exist to see that.)
  9. She's in the music video for Haddaway's "What is love?"
  10. Remember that it was four Light Warriors AND four Dark Warriors that beat her. And the Dark dudes killed her before, so CoD couldn't die that easily.

Reasons Why Golbez is Better

Dissidia Golbez

Cecil, I am your fa...*brother*...

Don't make me destroy you!

Darth Vader Golbez

FuSoYa never told you what happned to your brother...


He told me enough! He told me you killed him!


No. I am your brother.


No. That's not true! That's impossible!


Search your feelings, Cecil. You know it to be true.




Deja vu...

Squall, finding this situation somewhat familiar

I am your father!

Laguna on dramatic plot twists


Squall on Laguna being his dad...and pretty much everything else.

If Vader got to be in Soul Calibur, i should be allowed at least a cameo...

Golbez on expansion
  1. Golbez never died. He survived to the end of the game.
  2. Look at him, he's friggin' Darth Vader!
  3. He successfully usurped the power of the most powerful nation in the world and waged war with the rest of the world using their air force.
  4. An incestuous anti-hero with a serious brother complex? Golbez's fangirl-fic-potential rating is almost as high as Sephiroth's.
  5. Golbez caused the deaths of Tellah, Palom, Porom, and helped kill Zemus. He killed more main characters than Kefka and Sephiroth combined. Only one of them stayed dead, but the point remains valid.
  6. The Force is strong in him.
  7. Wait a second, Golbez wasn't the villain of the game, Zemus was! Ah, yeah, and Palpatine was the villain in the original Star Wars *snicker*
  8. Golbez is by far the best and the most intimidating. I mean, LOOK at him!
  9. We all know what he did when he had Rosa as a prisoner.
  10. He has the biggest shoulders of anyone on this page.
  11. He's still not as much of a Darth Vader rip-off as a certain Judge Magister is...
  12. In FF4: The After, he gains a skirt "kilt" and is STILL more manly than 90% of this page.
  13. He blew up Alderaan.
  14. He was the first villain of the series to get his own theme music.
  15. Said theme music was the most evil and sinster of the series.
  16. He's ten times the villain Zemus was.
  17. He has not one, but TWO evil towers of ominousness.
  18. His horns are cooler than Garland's.
  19. Unlike Darth Vader, he can use Force freakin Lightning.
  20. HIS dragon is far cooler and more manly than that sissy Kuja's.
  21. And no, there was no innuendo in the previous post.
  22. Why, what did you think I meant?
  23. He controls Kain for about half the game WHILE being controlled by Zemus himself. Double control, double awesome.
  24. He ate a direct hit from Meteor and was still strong enough to kick our heroes' collective asses.
  25. He looks like a zaku (Gundam).
  26. He PWNED Kain and made him his bitch.
  27. He PWNED Rosa and made her his bitch.
  28. He is totally your father. Yeah you.
  29. His name sounds kinda spanish, which is awesome.
  30. He was using Meteor before it was cool!
  31. Plus he can use Double Meteor. Twice the Meteor. Take that Sephiroth!
  32. Did we mention he's Darth Vader?
  33. Also, if Kefka's the Joker, he's the goddammed Batman.
  34. He has a badass cape.
  35. Golbez the Pantsless Wonder from The After. 'Nuff said.
  36. He helps the warriors of Cosmos in Dissidia, and still the people think he's on the evil side. Eat that "manipulative" Emperor.
  37. He teamed up with Fusoya. Which is the same as Darth Vader teaming up with Dumbledore. Picture that and tell me with a straight face that is not epic.
  38. He sacrificed himself for his brother. That took balls and love.
  39. He's Final Fantasy's Darth Vader only with all his limbs and no disfiguring burns.
  40. Because he's Darth Vader, neither Kefka or Sephiroth have ever defeated him. So suck it fanboys.
  41. He saved Rydia's hot ass in The After. Fanboys rejoice!
  42. Look at those shoulders! The mans walking with those on 24/7! He's hella strong!
  43. He wears a kilt and cloak in The After and NOTHING ELSE.
  44. And you know what they say about a man with big shoulders. (Wink wink.)
  45. He finds your lack of faith disturbing.
  46. When he left Fusoya he was but the student. Now he is the master!
  47. You don't know the power of the dark side!
  48. Ok you get it he's Darth Vader.
  49. He regenerated from a freaking hand! Let's see Jenova do that!
  50. He has you now!
  51. He did not come to treat with worms.
  52. Cue Imperial March-I mean Clad in Darkness.
  53. Give him a sword and the allusion is complete!
  54. Look how freaking tall he is!
  55. He was the only villain Cosmos talked too. Take that Sephiroth! And you as well Genesis.
  56. He defeated Bartz. Which means he defeated every main hero in the first ten games.
  57. He helped the Onion Knight save Terra. What a guy.
  58. He doesn't put up with the Emperor's bullshit.Or Sephiroth's.
  59. He has a secret apprentice to take his place as the Darth Vader of the series.
  60. He's the first villain on this page to reach 60 reasons! Impressive, most impressive.
  61. Even more impressive is that his brother got the most reasons in the best hero page.
  62. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of this guy.
  63. In Japan, he is voiced none other than THE Chairman Kaga of Iron Chef Fame.
  64. In the US, he is voiced none other than the man who voiced ZANGIEF.
  65. He stole Exdeath's tuxedo. No one else can, nor ever will be able to pull that off.
  66. He is the best.

Reasons Why Kain Highwind is Better


Kain Highwind, the Knuckles of Final Fantasy

Yoink! Hope you don't mind me taking this Chaos Emerald Crystal!


Whoops, I was just brainwashed, sorry about that guys!

Kain, making excuses



Whoa! Wait a second! Kain's not the final boss here!

Orthros, shocked

He can be.

Zemus, snickering in evil laughter

But he later turns good, dumbass!

Jecht, thinking that Zemus is manipulating Kain...again

Well, he still counts as a villian!

Zemus, trying to make his point
  1. Kain Highwind was supposed to be the final boss for every FF game, but he was too powerful.
  2. Kain Highwind switches to a foam spear while off-screen. If he didn't, all enemies would die in one hit.
  3. He's so cool, he manages to betray the party constantly and still be the most popular character in the game!
  4. These can help set every Kefka/Sephiroth fan straight.
  5. He has so many reasons that Fae had to lock the page.
  7. Everyone knows that Kain has boned Rosa while Cecil was out to obtain the title of Paladin in Mt. Ordeals.
  8. He's the first main character to be under mind control.
  9. While this is unimpressing to the other villains, he is now included in Dissidia Duodecim. Guess that the beta testers think about him.

Reasons Why Zemus is Better


Zemus, disfigured by Force Lightning. Or genetics, we're not sure.

I am not bald, my hair is just very shiny!


Yeah right, you could be a lighthouse with that thing...

Edge on the previous quote


Zemus on the previous quote

What are you doing?! Put me down- AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!!

Zemus getting thrown down the sides of the core by Golbez.



And now, young Harvey, you will die.

Zemus, before blasting Cecil with Force Lightning
  1. He was the one responsible for all that Golbez did.
  2. If Golbez is Darth Vader, that makes Zemus Palpatine, and Cecil is Luke Skywalker. These Star Wars connections in turn give us an excuse to picture Rydia in the gold bikini (as if we needed one).
  3. Zemus can't be killed, since he exists as long as hatred exists.
  4. He's so cool, he has three different forms; take that, Kefka and Sephiroth! (We'll ignore the fact that Ultimecia has four, since she technically wasn't in one of them.)
  5. His most powerful attack consists of CREATING A UNIVERSE AT YOU.

Reasons Why Exdeath is Better


Evil Tree Warlock with a "menacing name" and a theme that is reminiscent of Psycho.

I killed Galuf! Take that, Sephiroth!

Exdeath after realizing he killed a main character

Yeaaaaahhh, uh...Mateus killed a main character first.

Bartz and the rest of the party after realizing Exdeath killed a main character

So did Golbez.


I've destroyed countless existences full of criminals and innocents.

Cloud of Darkness

My minions killed a main character in 8-Bit Theatre. Even though they weren't my minions there.


Borghen, my minion, killed Josef first.

The Emperor

Shut up.

Sephiroth, as he uses Prison Gate on the Emperor


The Emperor, as he dies

Everyone remembers that I killed Aerith.


I did it.


Yes, but everyone remembers that I did it.


Shut up! The Laws of the Universe Mean Nothing, so I did it first!!


That's one tree I don't want in MY Garden.

Cid Kramer, trying to be funny. Lucky bastard, he gets to sleep with EDEA every night.

HOW DARE YOU KILL ME!...I'll call it good if you hook me up with Illua (Gets bisected by Neukhia) HOW DID YOU HEAR THAT!

  1. His name is "Exdeath", you know he can kick your ass!
  2. He's been killed three or four times and still doesn't totally die.
  3. He killed Galuf.
  4. He destroys the crystals, something a knight with a short vocabulary, a wizard with less IQ than a second grader and a Darth Vader rip-off couldn't do.
  5. He murdered Galuf.
  6. He was the first villain to directly kill a main party member. Golbez may have caused the deaths of Tellah, Palom, and Porom, but Tellah went out sacrificial style and Porom and Palom came back to life so they don't count. It's all Exdeath, baby!
  7. He's a friggin' tree. How many other trees do you know that wear armor?
  8. Did we already tell you he killed Galuf?
  9. He fights a turtle and wins. How many of the other villains managed to fight a turtle and win? Yeah, didn't think so.
  10. He is neither an effeminate elf nor a joker rip-off, and he looks pretty damn cool for an evil tree.
  11. His shoulders may be smaller than Golbez's, but they're infinitely sexier.
  12. He wears light blue armor. With beads.
  13. He's comfortable enough with his sexuality TO wear light blue armor. With beads.
  14. His laugh may not be as original as Kefka's, but it still rules! Fwa ha ha ha!
  15. He's the master of Gilgamesh.
  16. The Laws of the Universe Mean Nothing to him!!
  17. He's a tree, and Neukhia is his leftover roots, making him actually TWO final bosses in one!
  18. They even have the same ultimate attack!
  19. There is no other weapon that comes even close to looking like his sword.
  20. There is no indefinite proof that Exdeath has been extinguished, even after Neo Exdeath is defeated. Thus, he is the first villain to not die. Sure, you could say that about Golbez, but he wasn't technically a villain.
  21. Exdeath could wipe the floor with every other villain (well, except that other void user) by sending them to another dimension.
  22. He dabbles in both the art of swordplay and is nearly unmatched in terms of spellcasting.
  23. He doesn't need to move quick in dissidia, cause he's got the best pimp walk in all da land.
  24. He was Gilgamesh's boss, which makes him a thousand times more awesome than everybody else. (The only exception being Gilgamesh himself.)
  25. He gains several random naked chicks attached to him as Neo-Exdeath.
  26. His Dissida English VA also voiced M. Fricken Bison!
  27. He is completely bio degradable, believes in not leaving a carbon foot print, and his death caused global warming
  28. Neo Exdeath is the most brutal endgame boss in existence (the only reason you win is cause you're overpowered, and must be nerfed)
  29. He was the REAL first villain to have an audible laugh! Listen closely to his theme song.
  30. He can GET THE FRUIT and has TASTY ARROWS in Dissidia.

Reasons Why Gilgamesh Is Better

FF5 Gilgamesh

King Badass himself, Gilgamesh

Your weapons are forfeit to me!

Gilgamesh, on being a kleptomaniac

It's time we dressed up like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men! And men who dress like ladies! And ladies who look like men who dress like men who dress like ladies!

Gilgamesh on crossdressing

...I'm the fourth one.

Cloud on crossdressing

Well, I am a man who looks like a lady who dresses like a lady!

Kuja on the above

Meh... You're probably close enough to the point that it doesn't really matter.

Ultros on Kuja
  1. He appears in Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI Advance, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Dissidia Final Fantasy. No other character in the series has a résumé that can come halfway close.
  2. He's so cool he appears in different games in the same series, rather than whoring himself out in a compilation.
  3. Clash on the Big Bridge is awesome, and has more remixes than One-Winged Angel.
  4. When he shows up in FFXII he gets hold of half the most famous swords in the series (they're all fakes, but still...)
  5. He has more arms than you.
  6. He's Gilgamesh.
  7. He was evil at the beggining and turned good at the end.
  8. He kicks Seifers ass.
  9. He can travel through different dimensions, therefor, he can be in any other Final Fantasy besides V.
  10. He's named after an ancient Sumerian Demi-god-king. Are YOU? Didn't think so.
  11. He's Gilga-freaking-mesh
  12. He wields Excalipoor, mightiest weapon in the universe
  13. He can fight with eight weapons... AT THE SAME TIME(eat that Firion!!)
  14. He doesn't need to be a main character OR party member to be awesome.
  15. Did we already mention he's Gilgamesh?
  16. Best recurring character in the series (Biggs, Wedge, and Ultros, go cry to your mommas!!!
  17. He can morph. How cool is THAT?!
  18. Gilgamesh was never meant to be in Final Fantasy VIII. Oh no. After he found out they were replacing him with Odin, he TORE OPEN A HOLE IN THE FREAKIN FABRIC OF REALITY, took Odins sword for himself, and came in anyway.
  19. Likewise, if they don't put him in XIII, he will slash open the fabric of reality and force his way in.
  20. He is the same Gilgamesh in every FF game.
  21. He is pretty much the ultimate fanboy, appearing with several crappy false swords while wearing strange clothing, sort of like anyone who goes to comic con.
  22. He's a myth legend, even outside FF.
  23. He hextuple(totally a real word)-wields, and since dual-wielding doubles awesomeness, this multiplies his awesomeness by 6!
  24. He's so badass, he's on the best heroes AND best villians list.
  25. He's the Starscream to Exdeath's Megatron.
  26. In Final Fantasy XII, he's voiced by John DiMaggio. Need I say more?
  27. Bite his shiny metal ass!
  28. His landing in XII was the most epic landing in a Final Fantasy game.
  29. He wields more weapons at once then any character. TAKE THAT BARTZ!
  30. He seeks the dimensional interval...whatever the hell that is.
  31. He has the ability to fight like MEN!
  34. He might be the most over-rated of all characters, but it's half-justified.
  35. He's a freakin' Power Ranger! Because for Gilgamesh, IT IS MORPHING TIME!!!
  36. He's the third to appear from Final Fantasy V in Dissidia 012, how many people can say that!?

Reasons Why Shinryu is Better

My name means "Death Dragon". Beat that bitches.

Shinryu DoS

Hope you've been level-grinding!

  1. He's a dragon, and as everyone knows, dragons are the coolest fantasy creature.
  2. He's implied to be the most powerful being in the Dissidia universe. That's right, he's more powerful than all the heroes and villains, AND the gods of Harmony and Discord!
  3. Thus, he is also implied to be the strongest BEING in the whole entire Final Fantasy Series!
  4. Ever fought him without a full party of dragoons and won?... Didn't think so.
  5. He met Cid of Lufaine, the original Cid!
  6. He's the ultimate summon in Dissidia.
  7. He's one hell of a superboss.
  8. He also has a second form known as Neo Shinryu. Badass.
  9. He first appeared in Final Fantasy V, which was the first to get its own OVA!
  10. He can bring dead gods back to life, enough said!
  11. LOL You fail to whoever wrote that quote. Shinryu means god/holy/divine dragon.

Reasons Why Omega Weapon Is Better

Omega psp

01000100 01101001 01100101

Wave Cannon activated. Target elimnated.


I can kill with ease, but can never love


Been there pal.

Cloud, Squall, probably Noctis, and probably Lightning

I don't have a lazer, and anyone who says otherwise will be lazered to death.

Omega and probably Warmech
  1. Considering that Warmech and Omega are the same entity, that makes it the first superboss ever in the Final Fantasy series.
  2. "The dragon Shinryu came upon Omega's heels." If Shinryu is more powerful than all heroes, villians, and gods, then by transitive property, Omega is even MORE powerful!
  3. It's a friggin' robot. In a fantasy setting. How cool is that?!
  4. It usually absorbs every single element in the game, making one resort to non-elemental magic and physical attacks.
  5. If you're lucky enough to beat it, all you get is a badge which does nothing but give bragging rights.
  6. It has an attack that can eliminate a party member completely from battle permanently.
  7. Oh, and it's appearance in Final Fantasy VIII has an attack that does at least 5000 damage. Multiple times. On the entire party. That can have a max HP of 9999.
  8. It's in nearly every single Final Fantasy game ever made. Take that everyone else!
  9. It's so hard, you need to master at least 3 jobs just to beat it the CHEAP way! And that's just one game.
  10. Think Warmech. Then think Warmech on speed. Then think Warmech on Speed with enough power to destroy half the cosmos by blinking. Now think all of that while considering the fact that he has an upgraded form: Omega MKII. Now think all that and add that both fights are pretty much mandatory... You need anymore reasons?
  11. Oh, and don't forget his OTHER upgrade! Which was toned down by 9 MILLION HP in the American version for the being too badass!

Reasons Why Kefka Is Better


Kefka, long-time Joker idolizer and Psychotic Clown.

U'wee hee hee hee!!

Kefka, for no particular reason. Does he need one?

Kefka, how could you kill me! You're not the man I used to love!

Gestahl's thoughts on Kefka after Kefka kills him

I know, I know. We find the others, get Kefka smashed, and take his wallet while he's out.

Sabin on the party's plans for Kefka


Sephiroth to Kefka

Hate Magicite Self-Help Booklet Kill Destroy Esper

Kefka reciting his vocabulary

Some men just want to watch the world burn

Alfred on the Joker Kefka

This is what happens when a psychotic clown meets a one winged mama's boy. You won't kill me out of some sense of some misplaced sense of being the 'better' villain. And I won't kill you because... Square won't let me. I think you and I are destined to do this forever!

Kefka to Sephiroth on their now forever Dark Knight influenced fandom war.

I did it for the lulz

Kefka on destroying the world
  1. Kefka was (and to an extent still is) the only Final Fantasy villain to successfully destroy the world and achieve his goal of Godhood. Granted, Espers killed him, but still.
  2. Kefka's appearance as a psychotic clown set the bar for the following male villains, from a pretty boy to a transvestite to a surfer dude. Prior to Kefka, all male villains fit the archetype of an armored knight. (Ultimecia, on the other hand, had the bar set by Cloud of Darkness. She could only go up from there.)
  3. Kefka was also the first final villain to take on an angelic form, which has become Final Fantasy Cliche #472 since.
  4. Kefka's final death tally includes hundreds of nameless NPCs who lived in the some half-dozen towns and castles he torched/burned/attacked. He also killed General Leo and Gestahl, but did anyone really care about them? Didn't think so.
  5. Kefka gets to give people the finger. Look at that image, he's flipping you off and you know it!
  6. Kefka overthrew a goddamn emperor. All Sephiroth did was kill some lowly slum-rat chick that may or may not have been dealing in prostitution.
  7. Kefka could burn towns with his sheer will (tough party members are immune to this element).
  8. Kefka has better lines than a Shakespearean narcissist and a mama's boy.
  9. Sephiroth could never defeat Darth Vader in battle, no matter how hard he tried.
  10. Kefka destroyed the world just for a laugh. Sephiroth did it to impress his Mommy.
  11. Kefka has his own cult. All Sephiroth has is a fan club that obsesses over his hair.
  12. Dancing Mad is way cooler then One-Winged Angel.
  13. Kefka is similar to the Joker, Batman's arch-nemesis who was played by Jack Nicholson, the star of The Shining, and who was also played by Heath Ledger, who liked blowing stuff up and thought chaos was fun. That says it all.
  14. He stole the power of the Gods of Magic and became an Uber-God of Magic, and he didn't need help from Mommy to do it.
  15. Sephiroth has one wing, Kefka has six. And his aren't just for show, unlike some "other" angels - his actually work.
  16. You can hear him laugh. On the SNES! How cool is that?
  17. Speaking of laughs, he had the first real evil laugh in video game history.
  18. Sure, Sephiroth has come back from the dead several times, but each time Cloud hands his butt right back to him on a silver platter. Heck, Cloud handed Sephiroth's butt back to him on a silver platter before he even gained a lick of god-like power. Kefka has never suffered the fate of losing to the same guy over and over, and when he did lose, it was to kings, generals, and ninjas aided by mystical beings of magical might (see Espers). Sephiroth lost to an amnesiac and a bartender with big boobs.
  19. It takes only three main characters to bring Sephiroth down. One in the movie. It takes twelve to bring down Kefka.
  20. Kefka actually held his godhood for more than a few minutes.
  21. Who needs a stupidly long sword when you have limitless magic, the Light of Judgment, three all-powerful statues, and a 32-bit cackle?
  22. All Sephiroth did to almost become a god was jump in a giant river and have tentacle sex with his mommy. Kefka actually worked for his power. (And he didn't lose his dignity in an incestuous fashion by doing it.)
  23. Sephiroth is just a cheap, recycled failure of Kefka. Driven insane by an experiment? Check. Went rogue against the side he first belonged to? Check. Used some magic rocks that helped out in his plan of world destruction? Check. Wanted to destroy the world and become a god? Check! Except Kefka actually did the last one. Sephiroth...not so much.
  24. Sephiroth's world destroyer was stopped by a dead girl. Who wore pink.
  25. Kefka didn't need to trick the heroes into doing his dirty work for him. He did it all himself.
  26. Kefka is older than Sephiroth. Respect the elderly!!!
  27. Kefka is clearly more comfortable with his manhood. Come on, why do you think Sephiroth needs to carry such a big sword? Is he making up for "other deficiencies"?
  28. Kefka looks even more maniacal on his Dissidia appearance. Sephy only changed his belt.
  29. Kefka is reminiscent of the Joker, another great and terrible villain.
  30. Kefka doesn't need symbolism. He's badass on his own.
  31. Kefka PWND the majority of the Espers and made them his bitches.
  32. Kefka PWND the Warring Triad, who were the very source of Magic in his world, and made them his bitches.
  33. Kefka had a Slave Crown on Terra, what do you think he did?
  34. Kefka is so badass that he turned down the offer to show himself in some shitty Disney Spinoff.
  35. Kefka doesn't need to appear in completely different games (such as crap like Ehrgeiz) to show his awesomeness.
  36. He may be a Joker ripoff, but he killed Leo (to the delight rage of many), stands out in a crowd, attracted cult members around the globe, and overthrew the friggin' god themselves!
  37. After seeing the Joker crossdress as a female nurse in The Dark Knight, Kefka decided to try it out for himself in Dissidia!
  38. He actually DID watch the world burn.
  39. He has heard of the healing power of laughter.
  40. He's a man of his word.
  41. He's not a monster-he's just ahead of the curve!
  42. Due to similarities with the Joker (which we've ALL noticed) he now has the most reasons out of anyone on this page, including Sephiroth, making him the greatest villain of all time. For now.
  43. Since he's older, Kefka's attack "Heartless angel" came first... Sephiroth is just a big copycating MOMMA'S BOY!.
  44. He is actually Ronald Mcdonald.
  45. He's danced with the devil in the pale moonlight. Have YOU?
  46. He questions why you are at such high levels of sternness.
  47. Women love his sexy smile.
  48. He's secretly a member of ICP, which is awesome.
  49. He's secure enough with his masculinity to wear bright garish colours, and makeup war-paint
  50. He's an "agent of chaos".
  51. No really, he IS an agent of Chaos.
  52. He'll put a smile on that face.
  53. Even when prancing around in his flamboyant outfit, his face covered in makeup, he still manages to be one of the manlier villains on this page.
  54. LIGHT OF JUDGEMENT. That is all.
  55. His final form actually looks like an angel, as opposed to a big... fluffy... bunch of wings.
  56. He stays crunchy, even in milk.
  57. His father was a drinker, and a fiend...
  58. The only reason he's not in Kingdom Hearts is coz they'd have to tone him down too much. Seriously, he wouldn't even be allowed to say "Die" or "Kill". And god forbid they actually let him KILL someone, he's have to stick to blabbing about Darkness(TM).
  59. He fell out of the crazy tree, hit every branch on the way down, hit a trampouline, and hit 'em all again on the way back up.
  60. Kefka is the Joker. Mark Hamill is the Joker. Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker. Therefore Kefka is Luke Skywalker.
  61. Thus making Golbez... his FATHER!
  62. That's not true! That's IMPOSSIBLE!
  63. Search your feelings,you know its true.
  64. He called Squall(The Emo Bastard) a poser.
  65. He referred to silver-haired mama's boy as "Just another sadist with a god complex" Like THAT'S something special!
  66. He utterly devastated several towns hundreds to thousands of miles away and completely rearranged the continents in a matter of minutes. Eat THAT, Sephiroth.
  67. He won't fly himself in circles.

Reasons Why Ultros Is Better

Ultros battle

See? He's not a flan. He's an octopus. Quite possibly the greatest octopus in existence. And he's purple!

Hello folks! Did ya miss me? Uwe he he!!!

Ultros saying hello to everyone.

What the hell are you doing here?

Everyone Else

And that's my laugh!


Well, if Gilgamesh can be on the list, I sure can too. And if those guys from Kingdom Hearts are listed, I really deserve to be here. I'm actually from the right series for crying out loud! Also, that's how the programmers scripted my laugh. Get over it! And by the way, I'm not a flan, darn it! I'm an octopus! See these wiggly purple arms also known as tentacles?

Ultros explaining himself.

Can I destroy it?

Cloud of Darkness

You can try... But it probably won't work...

Cast of Final Fantasy VI

Uwe he he!!! I'd love to get my tentacles around her... And her... And her... And her...

Ultros to every remotely female-ish character. Except Adel, of course, because she doesn't even qualify as a female.


Every single character that can use magic.

Yeowich!!! You ain't gonna turn me into seafood soup!

Ultros complaining about fire spells.

Oh my god! Can nothing kill it?!

Everyone Else

Uwe he he!!! Nothin's bumped me off yet!

Ultros gloating about how much punishment he can survive which seems to be limitless.

Uh, dude? Just a thought, but do you add anything to the plot of your game? I mean you're not a main villain, you're not working for a main villain, you don't seem to have any kind of motive other than tentacle rape, so...buh?

Gilgamesh, on Who is Ultros, and What is he doing here?

Well, let's see... For starters I'm the reason why Muscle-Head gets lost and meets the Ninja from a Spaghetti Western, Mr. Thou, and the Beserker Wanabee Kid. That sure added to the plot of the game. You also get to see Muscle-Head suplex a train thanks to me!

Ultros explaining some of what he did for plot of his game.

I'm so hungry, I could eat an OCTOROK!

CD-i Link on his voracious appetite for squid

{{Quote|I am the indestructable octopus, nothing can ever kill me and my tentacles of*******.....|Ultros finally defeated by censorship

  1. Like he said, if Gilgamesh and, save us all, Kari, Axel, and Ansem can be on this list, then he can too.
  2. He has more arms than Gilgamesh. More arms than just about everyone on this list in fact.
  3. Who else has fought the main heroes four times on their own power without using illusions, clones, or alternate forms? No one! Not even Gilgamesh,
  4. He has an attack called tentacle for crying out loud!
  5. He is also a relative of the original tentacle monster. He is an octopus after all.
  6. This means that it is in fact true when he claimed to be octopus royalty.
  7. Despite what you might think from some of his appearances, he is not a flan.
  8. Only character that can beat Cloud of Darkness Jenova just about everything in terms of wiggly appendages.
  9. As long as it's a girl or looks close enough to be one he's gonna get his tentacles around 'em! ...Obviously excluding Adel, of course.
  10. He's got more one line zingers than Kefka.
  11. Even after fire spells, a trip over a waterfall, a bad opera, more spells, seeing a picture of himself, falling from an airship, the end of the world, and a large gambling debt, he's still alive and kicking! ...Er... Wiggling anyway...
  12. Basically, he's immortal despite not being indestructible. Those fire spells hurt... A lot... But they never manage to kill him.
  13. Speaking of survival, he actually lives till the end of the game.
  14. Who else can be as bad ass of a receptionist?
  15. He has music that is played only during one of his fights. That automatically supports his status as a great boss.
  16. His affinity? Pure Evil (except around young children who call him Uncle Ulty).
  17. He doesn't need to destroy things if he doesn't want to. He can just annoy everyone to death by sticking around and refusing to leave.
  18. Speaking of which, what other villain can be called Uncle and still keep his dignity? Of course, he never really had any dignity, but still...
  19. He is a star-spawn of Cthulhu.
  20. There has to be reference to Pandora's Box somewhere, right?
  21. He tentacle raped Locke, came within an inch of doing so to Terra, and very nearly turned Celes into a pancake. Celes pancakes, yum....

Reasons Why Emperor Gestahl Is Better


Well, at least he's not the Dark King

You're completely USELESS!

Kefka, telling it like it is

There's only one Emperor, and I am he!

Emperor Mateus


Emperor Gramis

Who cares about you, I offed you within like what, three hours into the game


Yes, that was rather annoying, you think SOMEONE in the entire bloody senate building would of been carrying a Phoenix Down...

Emperor Gramis
  1. He may be the lamest emperor in the series, but at least he's not the worst villain.
  2. He was Kefka's boss. WAS.
  3. He had some pretty nice spells. Too bad they were useless.
  4. He was the guy telling Kefka what he needed to do. HE IS THE REASON FOR THAT PUSSY CLOWN'S TEMPORARY SUCCESS.
  5. He was the best sky diver ever. Unlike certain characters he can die and fall at the same time

Reasons Why Sephiroth Is Better

Sephiroth Dissidia Artwork

Sephiroth, infamous badass and JENOVA's son.

I'm going to see my Mother!

Sephiroth explaining his Oedipus complex to Cloud

I didn't really understand what Sephiroth was saying at the time...

Cloud, saying what we were all thinking the first time we played the game

Sephiroth...he was brilliant...perhaps too brilliant...and he really knew how to accessorize...

President Shinra on Sephiroth


Kefka To Sephiroth

Who are you talking to??

Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz

Puppet Reunion Mother Meteor Planet Despair Lifestream

Sephiroth reciting his vocabulary

I hear you are "Mother" obsessed...

Ness on misunderstandings

Sorry man, wrong series.


Damn it...


Quite Frustrating.



Every single Final Fantasy character


Cast of Mother

Um...I kind of look like a fat, 8 year old Cloud?


*Gun cocking*


I'm going, I'm going...


You too, you pink-haired ripoff of me.

Tifa to Kumatora
  1. Sephiroth PWND all his clones and made them his bitches.
  2. Sephiroth PWND Jenova, a planet destroyer, and made her/it his bitch.
  3. Sephiroth PWND Holy, a world-destroyer magic-spell, and made it his bitch.
  4. Sephiroth PWND the Lifestream, the very source of life and magic in the Planet, and made it his bitch (well, not all of it, but...)
  5. Sephiroth is the most highly decorated character in the entire series, appearing in six games, a OVA and a movie. Clearly he's so cool he couldn't be limited to a single game.
  6. Sephiroth's appearance of a silver-haired man in black has been replicated dozens of times since his debut.
  7. Sephiroth's music One-Winged Angel has been remixed almost as many times as the plot of the game it first appeared in. Like Sephiroth himself, this is a clear indication of it being too cool for a single game.
  8. Sephiroth appeared in Final Fantasy VII, "the greates game that ever exist!" Okay, who let the fanboy in?
  9. Sephiroth is much prettier than Kefka, but doesn't need to wear as much makeup to do so.
  10. Sephiroth killed Aeris, a main character. Kefka did not kill a main character, and no, Leo doesn't count. For some this is another reason Sephiroth is better, for others it's a reason to hate him.
  11. Admit it. If the opportunity presented itself, you would totally go that way for the man. Come on, be real with it.
  12. Kefka could never defeat Darth Vader in battle, no matter how hard he tried.
  13. Sephiroth had a legitimate reason for trying to destroy the world: revenge, which is always awesome. Kefka just did it because he was bored and needed something to do besides play with his dolls. Which could be taken as a pro instead of a con, but hey.
  14. Sephiroth does not get hung up about a little sand on his boots.
  15. All Kefka has is a cult and nostalgia fans. Sephiroth, on the other hand, has a limitless amount of copies and swarms of fangirls, which happens to be the most lethal kind of army in fictional history.
  16. One-Winged Angel is way cooler then Dancing Mad.
  17. He's sorta like Norman Bates, the villain in the best thriller movie of all time, just with real gray hair and a long ass sword instead of a kitchen knife.
  18. He succeeded in taking control of a great amount of Lifestream by infecting it with "Mommy Dearest."
  19. One. Black. Wing. If that doesn't scream "evil badass," then nothing does.
  20. Sephiroth is much too sophisticated to be caught cackling like a fool in public. He does his cackling in private.
  21. Sephiroth's so tough, he's had to be defeated multiple times, and even came back from the dead. He even killed HIMSELF in Dissidia just to prove he couldn't die. Kefka gets killed once and he stays dead. Wimp.
  22. Sephiroth was so strong that the party didn't dare risk attacking him as a group and battled him one at a time instead. That's his story and he's sticking to it.
  23. Sephiroth may have fallen short of his goal of godhood, but Kefka became a god, then got whipped by a bunch of mortals boosted by nature spirits. How lame is that? It took three genetic experiments, a Cetra, and more to bring Sephiroth down, and he still came back.
  24. Effeminate nodachi wielder? I'm sold!
  25. All Kefka had to do to ascend to godhood was moving three statues in what, five minutes? Sephiroth had to work his ass off for five years to cheat death and find the Black Materia. He worked a lot harder for a lot longer.
  26. When Sephiroth refused to go into the Lifestream, he changed himself into three biker boys to retrieve his Mommy's remains. That's filial devotion.
  27. Sephiroth manipulated the heroes longer than Kefka did.
  28. Even when he died, the world was still in danger, because of the Flying Giant Rock. What happened after Kefka's death? The heroes, and ONLY THE HEROES, were in danger.
  29. Sephiroth is younger than Kefka. That withered old husk.
  30. Sephiroth has such a big sword to SYMBOLIZE his manhood, not make up for it!
  31. Kefka looks ridiculous in Dissidia. Sephiroth just added a belt here and there, accentuating his coolness instead of ruining it.
  32. Sephiroth was original. Kefka was a total Joker ripoff (no, really! He's the fricking Joker!)
  33. In some cultures, stark white is associated with death. BADASS.
  34. Sephiroth stuck his sword in Aeris. Sexual innuendos are fun!
  35. Sephiroth is the only Final Fantasy final boss to appear in the Kingdom Hearts series, twice! And he can even be fought as an optional boss. I don't see the other FF final bosses there yet!
  36. Sephiroth is still the only playable villain in the FF series in a game outside of the FF series. Ehrgeiz, anyone?
  37. He may have an Oedipus complex, but he killed Aerith (to the delight rage of many), dresses cool and decently, attracted girls (and boys) around the globe, and destroyed the friggin' solar system (while you took a know it took a while) multiple times! Well, IT'S NOT HIS FAULT THE SOLAR SYSTEM CAN REGENERATE ITSELF FASTER THAN IT CAN BE DESTROYED! Apparently his world had to be prepared for multiple destructions.
  38. He is the first villain that doesn't have a cape. Breaking a tradition is evil.
  39. He is too badass to be led by the Emperor and Ultimecia in Dissidia. Any other villains? Didn't think so.
  40. He is rich! He spends a whole bottle of shampoo in just one bath!
  41. He will never be a memory only.
  42. Who cares if Kefka's "Heartless angel" came first? Sephiroth makes it look kickass.
  43. He appeared in fighting game, two other action RPG that Square made as a super boss, appeared in a movie and was named "The Hardest Boss in Video Game History".
  44. Sephiroth is famous around the world. Kefka? not so much.
  45. REAL men aren't afraid to admit they love their mommas.
  46. He has the best hair in the buisness, sure he's a little gray but the chicks still dig it.
  47. Sephiroth was in KH (where he got beaten by a kid with a big magic key), I'm not sure if that's a pro or a con.
  48. He has a copyright on standing in front of fire. The only things worse than Sephiroth are his lawyers!
  49. He's not afraid to die to get ahead in his plans, get it "a head", cause he took Jenova's head...
  50. If he wanted to he could get more tail than half the people on this list.
  51. He's in little big planet, a non square-enix game. Sure he's just a downloadable costume but it still counts.
  52. His goal actually made sense. The objective of destroying the world is a terrible idea because then there is nothing left to do. Sephiroth wanted to control the world and that actually is a smart idea.
  53. He's man enough to go shirtless in Dissidia! Could Kuja do that? Didn't think so.
  54. He is the first to draw blood, people. BLOOD!
  55. In Dissidia, he has the same attack which killed Aerith with!
  56. He also wields the Black Materia in Dissidia!
  57. Has more reasons than anyone else on this page so far.
  58. Avalanche, Shinra Corporation, and even THE PLANET ITSELF, were needed to stop Sephiroth's plan. Kefka however, was stopped by a group of 14 people...
  59. He is Sephiroth, isn't that reason enough.
  60. Look at the size of that frikken sword!!!(NinjaIzzy 14:59, 2 May 2009 (UTC))
  61. He has a cheap knockoff that spouts out a never ending stream of suck, and it still doesn't detract from how awesome he is.
  62. Nathan Explosion is his brother. NOTE THE LONG HAIR. SO BRUTAL.
  63. He'll give you dis pear.
  64. He impaled a giant snake with a freaking tree.Does any other villains impaled a giant snake with a freaking tree? Don't think so.
  65. He infiltrated the Shin-Ra building,kill most of the employees and soldiers stationed there,killed the President in a matter of minutes.Eat that Kefka.

Reasons Why Weiss is Better

File:Weiss 2.jpg

Exterminated Slashed Strangled Slaughtered Beaten Stabbed Crushed Garroted Impaled Shot Executed

Weiss reciting his vocabulary
  1. Beefcake is healthy. Lots of protein.
  2. He makes a great washboard.
  3. His pecs are almost as big as Ultimecia's boobs. If she gets points for them, he does too.
  4. Since Weiss is obviously the lovechild of Cloud and Sephiroth, he is the fulfillment of every fangirl's dream, which gives him untold amounts of power.
  5. He rocks that wild-lion look so much that real lions can't tell the difference.
  6. His vocabulary is bigger than Kefka's OR Sephiroth's.
  7. He raped Kuja last weekend. (Not that Kuja resisted.)
  8. He raped Emperor Mateus the weekend before that. (All four of them. At the same time.)
  9. JENOVA raped him last month. (Hey, that eyeball on her breast knows a good thing when it sees it.)
  10. He tried to rape Ultimecia last Christmas, but she threw him into Time Compression until he killed Squall for her. Still, he gets points for trying.
  11. 'Course, that means he killed Squall, which makes him the best thing for the world since they first squeezed milk from a cow.
  12. And since milk is amazing, and milk is white, and Weiss' hair is white, then obviously Weiss = amazing.
  13. This logic also means that Weiss = milk, which is automatic win for reasons that no straight man would ever want to think about and thus cannot argue with.
  14. He has the best gunblade out of all the gunblades.
  15. And no, there was no innuendo in that previous post either.
  16. His hair resembles a porcupine.
  17. Look at him, he's a fangirl, (and some fanboys too) dream come true!
  18. Even Straight Men think about him.
  19. He doesn't even need a picture.

Reasons Why Genesis is Better


Probably the only dignified Sephiroth copy - even if he DID come first. Genesis, stop reading LOVELESS and say hello!

The world needs a new hero!

Genesis before play--err, fighting with Sephiroth in the Training Room

Sorry, dude: taken.

Zack and Cloud

Oh, COME ON!! You're mean! I'm going to go read LOVELESS!

Genesis after finding out

Fine. Weirdo.


On second thought, I'm going to recite LOVELESS for everyone to hear!!


NOOOO!! Somebody stop him!!!

The cast of Crisis Core


Genesis, singing this like Steven Tyler right in Sephiroth's FACE

Yay! Go brother!


Yay! Go brother-in-law!!!


Genesis, degrading & collapsing

We should kill him, he's emo, its what he wants

Black Mage
  2. He has high tastes.
  3. For once he uses the color red for an outfit; mostly we see black for a color, which is overused. Pity he came after The Final Fantasy Prostitute.
  4. He is original. Sure, he has a wing, but it isn't like almost every other major does, right?
  5. The avatar looks like Ark? I think it does.
  6. He has lived longer than any other villain in 7 besides JENOVA. Think about it, he works for the Shin-Ra in BC, he lives through CC, is asleep for VII, and wakes back up at the end of DoC. That's 4 games of not dying! And not coming back to bug the hell out of us!
  7. His ultimate attack, LOVELESS quotation, is the true reason why Angeal and Sephiroth went insane.
  8. In Crisis Core, Sephiroth has one fan club. Genesis has two.
  9. As of traditional rule of video games, villains are designated to irritate, annoy, and makes you hate them with a fiery passion, in which Genesis managed to fit in all the three requirements. Go on, I dare you to listen to his LOVELESS quotations for just about five minutes.
  10. He was the one responsible for turning Sephiroth against the world.
  11. He was VERRRY close to Sephiroth. Come on, you can see the signs...he beat the fangirls (and boys) to the chase. That's evil.
  12. He almost defeats Sephiroth in the training room if Angeal hadn't intervened.
  13. Has a nicer weapon than Sephiroth.
  14. He only tried to stop his degradation, but his efforts led to a string of events that caused FFVII to be that good of a game.
  15. He uses magic without materia!!
  16. Genesis PWND many summoned monsters and made them his bitches.
  17. Genesis PWND many 2nd and 3rd class SOLDIERs, and made them his bitches.
  18. Genesis PWND Angeal and Sephy with his LOVELESS quotations, and made them his bitches.
  19. Even thought he is the main Antagonist of Crisis Core he is the most irrelevant person to the plot. ... I'm not sure if that is a good thing thought...
  21. Genesis is the catalyst of everything. He's the indirect reason the people of FFVII experienced hell. He refused to help Zack in the ending, he made Sephy insane, thus giving Hojo two new test subjects - robbing Cloud of a friend, leaving Aerith's boyfriend to die. Not to mention the citizens and SOLDIERs' lives that he played with and ruined.
  22. While they say he looks like Gackt, he's more like a younger Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, buffed out and ready to kill.
  23. He didn't lose his sanity for being a monster.
  24. Gackt will always sing better than you and all villains combined.
  25. He had every right to be evil. And he was right to be evil.
  26. When everyone else was blind to the truth, he wasn't.
  27. He was right when everyone else was wrong.
  28. Genesis led a more-than-decent rebellion against Shinra before anyone else did.
  29. ...And he masterminded that rebellion while dealing with his degradation. HE HAD TO DEAL WITH WHITE HAIR AND A ROTTING BODY!!!
  30. He was one of the first people who discovered how big assholes the Shinra people were, and one of the very few people who actually did something about it...
  31. He became evil because of good (if you get what I mean)
  32. FFVII would be nothing without him and his fooling around.
  33. He is so awesome that he doesn't need mind control, he doesn't need to control grotesque clones to win over some loyal pawns. 3RD AND 2ND CLASS SOLDIER ABANDONED SHINRA BECAUSE THEY WORSHIPPED GENESIS!!!
  34. So far, he's the only villain to use exact clones of himself as soldiers of his army. Talk about ego and vanity.
  35. He has a war named after himself. Do you have a war named after yourself? I don't think so!
  36. His original costume and appearance concept was sacked because it was too awesome and badass.
  37. He uses Spellblade! His magic is legendary and his swordsmanship is graceful! Plus he can summon! What a threat.
  38. Plus, if you piss him off, the mere sheer amount of his copies is enough to bury you alive to the ground.
  39. ...If you haven't died of irritation from his LOVELESS quotations yet, if he locks you up and forces you to listen to him.
  40. His idea of torture is the most graceful, scholarly and refined out of all the villains: the Lethal LOVELESS quotation.
  41. Not even Genesis denies that he is a Lancer. But due to his awesomeness and originality and spunk, he made Sephiroth look like the Lancer instead, and himself the hero. Bonus points, it takes a lot to overshadow the One-Winged-Angel.
  42. Wait....he is the original, the very first One-Winged-Angel.
  43. So far, he is the only boss (in final form) whose copies are faithful enough to fight alongside him.
  44. He has the most logical, unbiased reasons listed on this page.

Reasons Why Jenova is Better


Jenova. That eyeball on her breast is hot in some weird, sick way.

Sephiroth honey, what have I told you about playing with your food?

Jenova after Sephiroth kills Aeris

Mother, I'm not going to eat her, I'm not sick, just insane!

Sephiroth rebukes Jenova's claims

You must feel lonely, coming from another planet... (gets impaled by Sephiroth dropping from the celing.) Oh REAL original! (Dies)


Oh my God! He killed Galuf!


You *beep*! That's my job!

  1. Jenova is the original FF7 boss. She's older than Sephiroth, older than Shin-Ra, older than Genesis, older than the Cetra - hell, she's probably older than the frickin' Planet. She's literally older than dirt, and yet she still causes death, destruction, and devastation on a daily basis.
  2. She also causes death, destruction, and devastation WHILE being packed in ice and shoved up on a mountain, which is pretty damn impressive.
  3. Even decapitation does not discontinue her dateless deluge of death, destruction, and devastation.
  4. In short, she just will not frickin' die! The Ancients killed her, Cloud killed her, Sephiroth cut her head off, Tifa killed her, Aeris killed her, and still the creeptastic queen of cacestogenous cacation refuses to frickin' die!!!
  5. She's the whole reason Sephiroth went insane, along with Angeal and Genesis; she is the cause of Geostigma; she wiped out the Ancients; and the list goes on. Jenova caused every hardship the Planet faces.
  6. She killed off the Cetra, leaving Aeris as the last Ancient, thus forcing her to summon Holy herself. Jenova indirectly caused Aeris' death.
  7. She also directly caused it, as it was her shapeshifted to look like Sephiroth that impaled Aeris. Not Sephiroth at all. So, if JENOVA put HER sword in Aeris, then... O_o
  9. NIPPLE. (Notice the singularity.)
  10. Successfully eliminated all but a few Cetra
  11. Contrary to popular belief, Cloud of Darkness isn't the only naked villain.
  12. If CoD won the Trashiest Slut contest the moment she stopped being green, what would happen if Jenova stopped being blue??

Reasons Why Hojo Is Better


The ultimate playah of Costa de Sol

Sephiroth, I am your father.


No! That's not true. That's impossible.

Lucrecia x Vincent shippers

How come he's here but not us?

Dr. Lugae and Dr. Cid

Well, I am actually human, you expect a alien scientist to be evil, I did not talk to a ball of gas at any point in my game, and I did Lucrecia AND I killed Vincent and boned his girlfriend. No other evil doctor comes even CLOSE!

Hojo taking hubris to a new level


Hojo getting mercilessly slaughtered by both Barnabas and Venat and being taken down a peg at the same time
  1. All the bad things that happened in Final Fantasy VII can be traced back to him.
  2. He boned Jenova Lucrecia and spawned Sephiroth in the process.
  3. He is the reason why Cloud thinks he's Zack and why he can be controlled by Sephiroth.
  4. He killed Vincent and turned him into a monster.
  5. If Sephiroth killed Aerith, Hojo killed Aerith's dad.
  6. He is Fuhito's idol.
  7. He possessed Weiss and made him his bitch.
  8. He also boned a lot of chics in Costa de Sol, planning to inject Jenova cells to any resulting child as well. Hojo is the ultimate playah!
  9. He did Vincent's girl, thus pissing off every one who thinks "vampires-just-need-love" IE anyone who has ever read Twilight.
  10. He ruined the lives of every hero known to man, and this user knows one day they will have their revenge upon him.
  11. His crackling voice is freaking annoying! No wonder he's hated!
  12. HE DID LUCRECIA! Its just awesome enough to repeat this often.

Reasons Why Kadaj is Better


Advent Children's third prettiest Silver-Haired-Guy.

I've never known Sephiroth. I just...I sense him there. It's unbearable to think that Mother might want Sephiroth more than me...

Kadaj, on his inferiority + Oedipus complex.

Don't worry, there's not a thing I don't cherish...I'm here for you...


What about us?

Loz and Yazoo

Mother Geostigma Mother Materia Mother Sephiroth.

Kadaj, reciting his vocabulary.
  1. He's... Kinda pretty.
  2. His sword has TWO blades! What do you mean it's not awesome?
  3. His oedipus complex is even more obvious than Sephy's.
  4. He can summon Bahamut just like EVERY FREAKIN SUMMONER in the series.
  5. He...okay. Enough of this. He's not the best villain. In fact he's hardly a villain at all. He's just an annoying, whiny, MAMA'S BOY!
  6. He summoned using a non-summon materia!!! Can you do that??
  7. He can drive a motorcycle! Can Sephiroth do that?
  8. He is prettier than Kuja or Sephiroth.
  9. Kadaj PWND Bahamut SIN and many Shadow Creepers, and made them his bitches.
  10. Kadaj PWND his own brothers and made them his bitches.
  11. Kadaj PWND many sick children and made them his bitches. (And we all know that's really sick and evil!)
  12. He's so delightfully insane and childish!
  13. And he does this while he's only 2 years old! (we cant help with the reason why he looks like Sephiroth and Kuja's teen son/daughter)
  14. He summoned a brand NEW Bahamut adding to the vast amout of the dragon in the series. THATS Evil
  15. He's part of a trinity, which makes him...GOD. and you know that makes Cloud SATAN.
  16. He took a bunch of little kids to an isolated location, and...wait. Okay, so he's a pedophile.

Reasons Why Edea is Better


Edea. Her eyes are sexy in some perverted, scary way.

Lowlifes. Shameless filthy wretches, <blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah>...

Edea to humanity

...I'm bored.

Cloud of Darkness



She talks more than I do. Of course, hardly anyone can insult and annoy as well as I can! Uwe he he!!!


Boring kharakter is boring. Let's let her monologue and go destroy some planets.



CoD, JENOVA, and Kairi

Next in line is Genesis, reciting LOVELESS Acts I-IV.

Edea, as some random planet explodes

Infinite in mystery is the gift...

Genesis, beginning to recite LOVELESS

Oh no, another weirdo...

Seymour Guado

Next is Kuja, who will describe...something.

Edea as Seymour's brain explodes

I can't take it anymore!!!

Golbez come I'm not on the Final Boss list?!

Seifer, whining like always.

I could "warm you up" (see's Cid and for some strange reason Seifer walking up with tire irons), you know what, never mind (runs for it, trips, and proceeds to get the crap beaten out of him)...At least it wasn't a chick this time (passes out)


That's my wife...beat that, bitches!

Cid Kramer. DAMN that old man...if HE can get Edea, what does that say for the rest of us?

Lucrecia, and ever since Twilight came out, every one else too.


Tifa, Aerith, and possibly Yuffie, I can't remember.




Yeah, but... she's blue!

Cid Kramer

She's blue, da ba de, da ba dai

Zidane on obscure music

Shut up...

Cid Kramer
  1. She defeated that sucker Squall with a basic ice spell.
  2. She killed the president of the Final Fantasy VIII world.
  3. BOO... I mean, she's pretty.
  4. She doesn't need a heavy armor to protect herself. Instead, she wears a decorative shower curtain on her back.
  5. She is temporarily playable, like Sephiroth, making her Chick-Sephiroth.
  6. Edea was the one who was really in control. That whole Ultimecia business was an elaborate ruse to trick Squall and his party of idiots. After the end credits, Edea blew up the Garden and destroyed the whole main party. And the whole world lived happily ever after without Squall around to #$%^ it up.
  7. Okay, she actually isn't better, but we had to humor BlueHighwind, since he has an unhinged obsession with her (like all his obsessions).
  8. bluehighwind made me do it...
  9. Are you immune to the one artifact that can impair you?... Didn't think so.
  10. Are you married to Cid?... Didn't think so.
  11. Did you help in both saving the world and trying to break it?...Didn't think so.

Reasons Why Adel Is Better


Adel. With women like these, who needs men?


Adel on Rinoa

Squall, save me! ...Again!

Rinoa, in trouble AGAIN


Squall, before killing Adel with a Lionheart

Oh my stars and garters, he's a SHE!


Actually, I AM interested, Galuf...

Adel on manipulating Galuf so she can "junction" herself to Krile. Probably.

If this is going to happen, somebody is going to need to explain what THAT is.

Galuf on botched surgery

Finally, someone who's a bigger hermaphrodite than I am!

Flea from Chrono Trigger

Dude, just get back in your own game, We have our own wiki AND nostalgic value, we are above these weaklings


Oh go f*&# yourselves

Every Final Fantasy character
  1. Rather than be a girly guy, Adel wanted to be different and be a manly woman. Now that's EVIL.
  2. She's the first villain to be a lesbian! (Well, what did YOU think she was doing when she "junctined" Rinoa to herself?)
  3. Despite being a woman, she's STILL more masculine than Kuja, Kefka, Sephiroth, Seymour AND Vayne combined.
  4. She has the most muscular body in an FF game.
  5. She tried to kill Rinoa. Now, if Rinoa had died, Squall wouldn't have to keep saving her all the time...
  6. She got imprisoned in outer space.
  7. She's so cool, she doesn't need ANY DIALOUGE THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE GAME!
  8. She...okay, there ARE no reasons. Uh...she can move her ponytail like a tail?
  9. Is...unique.
  10. Adel PWNED the people of Esthar and made them her bitches. (Until Laguna came along)
  11. Adel PWNED Rinoa and made her her bitch. (For about 5 minutes)
  12. Her gender is even more ambigous than Kuja's.
  13. She is the only woman with the balls (lol) to go topless. Not even Cloud of Darkness does THAT.
  14. Adel is, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman to ever grace the Final Fantasy series.
  15. The only character that doesn't actually need to be a man to be manly.
  16. The only woman in the series not to have boobs. Wait, is that a good thing?
  17. While your pondering on weather or not she is a she or he or something in between, she'll hypnotize you into letting her junction herself to your girlfriend and proceed to destroy all life on this rock. Does that count as a bad thing?
  18. She doesn't slow the game down with over the top dialogue
  19. She shouts threats across the radio & TV broadcasts to the entire world from a tomb trapped in the earth/moon orbit that she's cryogenically frozen inside. Bad. Ass.

Reasons Why Seifer Is Better

  1. he PWNED Odin
  2. he wants you to pull his finger then shoots fire in your face
  3. he scarred the main character for life (litterly)

Reasons Why Ultimecia Is Better

Dissidia Ultimecia

Ultimecia. The former Scarlet Harlot of the FF games until Cloud of Darkness stopped being green.


Squall on why Ultimecia is better than both Kefka and Sephiroth


Everyone else on why Ultimecia is better than both Kefka and Sephiroth


Ultimecia, before she goes and cries in a corner because nobody loves her



Yeah... I totally tapped that.

Mateus, bragging to Xande.
  1. Let's hear it for the only FF villain with an accent!
  2. Without even being in the same century as any of them, she manages to kill a president, start a war, destroy a Garden, break up a marriage, release a tyrant, and blow up more people, places, and things than Kuja could monologue at. That's pretty damn cool.
  3. She aims higher than all the other villains in FF. Why destroy the world when you could destroy the space/time continuum itself?
  4. The mere fact that she CAN destroy the space/time continuum, when people like Garland and Zemus have to struggle to attack a single planet, makes her cool.
  5. Her theme song is called "The Extreme." That's because of how extreme her awesomeness is!
  6. She's still not the trashiest slut of the series, a title which LeBlanc and Yunalesca were having a cat fight over until Cloud of Darkness won it hands (and other appendages) down.
  7. In fact, considering that she wears more clothes than Cloud of Darkness, Tifa, Jenova, Goddess, Yunalesca and every female Summon in the FF games put together and is STILL remembered for her redolent Sorceress sexiness, she is clearly nothing less than a high-class slut. Unlike all those other amateurs.
  8. She's still not as bad a villain as Dark King.
  9. She has a great rack.
  10. She can frickin' CREATE GFs. That takes SKILL.
  11. If you screw up, Ultimecia doesn't just kill the party of VIII - she absorbs them into time so they can't be revived, meaning that she then cleanses the world of Squall's emo-ness. Best villain ever.
  12. And if you screw up and Ultimecia absorbs everyone into time, then she recreates the world so that Squall was never born, Rinoa was born mute, and Quistis was born in Ultimecia's hometown so that the two could fall madly in love. No, really. Think about it: Ultimecia creates Griever as the ultimate GF. Griever and Quistis share the same ultimate attack: Shockwave Pulsar. Then, after creating this yiffy version of Quistis, Ultimecia then becomes one with its body. Hmm...well, that's subtle. On top of that, in Dissidia, Ultimecia shuns the assistance of all her fellow villains except for the transsexual and has an odd fascination with the only heroine on the other team, both of whom, incidentally, happen to be blonde in at least one costume. Obviously Ulty has the major hots for Quisty.
  13. Considering how hot Quistis is, this means that Ultimecia has excellent taste, especially when compared to a gaudy bead-covered relic, a clown with no color sense, and a man who wears white after Labor Day.
  14. Which explains how she could transform Edea's appearance from a frump [1] into a sexbomb [2].
  15. She is the only REAL female final villain of the series. All others had to be guys, barring transvestites (they know who they are) and slutty non-human forces of destruction that happen to assume female form.
  16. Ultimecia is actually working to improve your life by attempting to not only destroy, but remove all trace of the existence of, the horrible contrived sappy wannabe-romance-story that is FF8. If she succeeded, she might even be able to get rid of FFX-2 next. Just think of the favors Ultimecia is trying to do for YOU!
  17. BlueHighwind hates her. That's gotta be a plus.
  18. Weiss tried to rape her and couldn't. I don't know whether she gets points for being able to overpower him or for being able to resist his sexy body, but either way, it's impressive.
  19. Ultimecia used Time Compression on the main games of Final Fantasy to bring us an awesome game.
  20. She is the only character other then Setzer who could possibly survive in Las Vegas.
  21. Ultimecia PWND many Sorceresses, including Edea and Rinoa, and made them her bitches.
  22. Ultimecia PWND Seifer and made him her bitch.
  23. She's actually Rita Repulsa's long lost sister.
  24. She hooked up with the Emperor. See that spear he always carries? That represents if you catch my drift.
  25. She's got a nice rack... of horns, you sicko!
  26. You try gathering all of the wild GF's and placing them in a castle outside of space or time!
  27. How many other Villains were responsible for every event in their games, but conducted all their business from a completely different time period?
  29. Drake Clawfang should worship with woman, since she has the power to remove Mystic Quest from the entirety of existence.

Reasons Why Kuja Is Better

Dissidia Kuja

Kuja. Isn't he/she/it pretty?

You wear thongs!!!

Zidane, commenting on Kuja's spectacular grasp of style.

I'm a pompous little anti-Christ who will probably give up on my plans for world domination when I fall for a rough trick named Jim.


You're! I thought you were my sister!!!

Zidane, after finding out about Kuja.


Kuja. Don't ask, don't tell.

Aleluia!!! I don't have the worst brother anymore... Hey Theodor! I'm quiting family therapy!


FINALLY! I get somewhere...please tell me that is not what i think it is...

Galuf, on finding out important things much too late.

Freaking RIP-OFF! I did the dude looks like a lady thing at least five years before you!

Flea from Chrono Trigger, jealous that there's another girly guy around

Let it go man, last warning.

  1. Sephiroth is prettier than Kefka, but Kuja is prettier than Sephiroth. Thus, he wins.
  2. Kuja can appeal sexually to fans of all genders, be they male, female or miscellaneous, like Kuja himself.
  3. Kuja also destroyed a world, just not the world. That still counts, doesn't it?
  4. As skimpy as Kuja is in that g-string, he's still not as bad as the cast of Final Fantasy X-2.
  5. He doesn't need wings. He has a tail!
  6. He deceives the male mind.
  7. He was supposed to be the Angel of Death.
  8. You never actually beat him in the game; he wiped you out with Ultima, twice! He is the only villain who was never defeated by the main characters!
  9. His personality & intentions rock - if he can't live, then why should the rest of the world?
  10. Trance Kuja + tail + Flare Star + Ultima + Dark Messenger Final Battle song = One badass she-man.
  11. Is man enough to wear a thong. You have to have serious confidence in your masculinity to display your package so blatantly.
  12. Fights against Death itself. My hero...
  13. Rides a pimpin' white dragon.
  14. Didn't take crap from Garland. So if Garland is so awesome, than Kuja is obviously more awesome.
  15. Likes pretty things that emulate his/her/its inner beauty.
  16. He is not as slutty as Cloud of Darkness. Although he could be if he wanted... (Yes, I implied that being a slut is bad; lazy trashy whores.)
  17. Has more fanboys than fangirls...
  18. He enjoys eating a Jill sandwich, unlike the others...
  19. He/she/it can go all ways (fun time,) unlike the others...
  20. Kuja is friends with David Lo Pan. 'Nuff said.
  21. He rejected Oprah's offer when asked to appear on her show. What a badass...
  22. Kuja PWND HAXORED Bahamut, the King of Dragons, and made him his bitch.
  23. Kuja PWND Queen Brahne, and made her soul his bitch.
  24. Kuja PWND Clay Aiken with his effeminate qualities, and made him his bitch.
  25. His name is now a positive 'style' remark. "You're looking very Kuja today. Nice..."
  26. The others are single-minded and sadistic. Kuja is endearing, creative, and fabulous...
  27. Kuja fondled Cid's wife and jacked their pimped out airship. What a playa...
  28. Kuja = The colorful blissful rainbow under the sun's gay smile, with stupendous unicorns frolicking beneath its merry warm embrace...
  29. Kuja is affiliated with the KKfOS. We all know how much the Killer Klowns from Outer Space PWN.
  30. Kuja's glamour is better than a certain pussy clown's laugh...
  31. The reason he wears a thong is because he's a fan of the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls kick ASS! (both in a literal and non-literal way)
  32. Kuja is a GILF! [guy I'd like to... ;)]
  33. He is more powerful than than Kefka and Sephi...I mean JENOVA (since Sephiroth is now JENOVA) combined. What power... :o
  34. He destroys a frickin' plane of existence!
  35. Kuja destroys a planet, something not even Sephiroth could do.
  36. Kuja is a better crossdresser than a David Bowie rip-off.
  37. We didn't know if he died or not, so if he lived, he is the first villain to survive in a game... (second, technically; Exdeath hit that ball already...)
  38. Kuja is the opposite of Adel - rather than be a fugly manly woman, Kuja is a beautiful womanly man!
  39. He killed all of your party members... ALL.. not one but ALL..
  40. He has the cooler name for a battle song. Unless you think that Dancers and Angels are more badass than Dark Messengers.
  41. He has a tail. Nuff said.
  42. Garland, "You're power is meaningless..." Kuja: "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!" [Sends Garland plumetting to his death.]
  43. Hes the only villian brave enough to wear a man-kini
  44. Not only did Kuja never lose to the party, but he also managed to kill them all. And he does this while destroying an entire world and the source of all life in the universe.
  45. Kuja has the most personality and character than any FF Baddie. Everything he did was all within character instead of seemingly random and arbitrary. Oh, and he manages to all that and be the most endearing wearing...that.
  46. The most feminine man to ever have a six-pack. (Look closely at some dissidia pics.)
  47. He destroyed Terra with Ultima, beat that!
  48. Is the offspring of David Bowie and Sephiroth. With his thong and belly robes, you know his true mission was to bang away at the knights of Alexandria and make em his biotches.
  49. Like Zidane, he too is a Super Saiyan despite not being in the right fictional universe.
  50. He quotes William freakin' SHAKESPEARE!
  51. Is so durable he survived a Mega Flare with naught but a very miniscule "injury", a town getting Laser bombed and wanted to get beat up by the heroes. He's Liquid Snake of FF, he could a head shot from Irvine and scoff at it.
  52. He created Vivi.
  53. He has a tail. He has feathers for hair. What kind of hideous animal crossbreed produced him?!? He does not only appeal to both genders, but to animals too! Isn't that great?
  54. He killed the ugly elephant lady. And thousands more. He's got nothing to envy to any other villain!
  55. He got a Palace built under a desert. Guess how he paid the carpenter??

Magic Dance, Magic Dance! Shake that ass!


Reasons Why Necron Is Better


Necron. More unnecessary symbolism than you can shake a stick at.

What the heck is that?

The fanbase

Can I destroy it?

Cloud of Darkness

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

Necron on Yoda.

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

Yoda on Necron.

It is here, in the afterlife, that we debate the fate of the Earth.

Necron on fatalism

Don't you feel concerned about all the death you will cause?

Zidane, to Necron

Life and death are unquantifiable abstracts, why should I be concerned?

Necron, in response to the above

Dude, this is seriously not cool.

Dr. Manhattan

Look man, everything is a ripoff of something, I'm essentially The Question with a cooler mask.


Didn't I rip you apart on a molecular level?

Dr. Manhattan
  1. In terms of sheer shininess, Necron is prettier than everyone.
  2. Necron is the personification of death and thus can't die. How does the Grim Reaper reap his own soul? Simple, he doesn't and skimps on the paperwork.
  3. Necron's melody of agony tops that of any other. It contains agonized screams.
  4. As any Lovecraft fan could tell you, incomprehensible cosmic horrors are good.
  5. Someday you will meet it... because it is DEATH!
  6. It quotes Yoda. Top that.
  7. Necron is the ultimate law to end all laws. The final order to end all orders...
  8. It desires nothing, which is better than the mainstream desire of becoming a 'god' or something.
  9. Pimpin' white dragons ride Necron.
  10. Has cool revolving rings.
  11. Grand. Cross. 'Nuff said.
  12. He's secretly Dr. Manhattan, which is awesome.
  13. Because he's secretly Dr. Manhattan, he actually has the best damn backstory in the game without it even being mentioned.
  14. He used to be a freakin' super hero.
  15. If he's Dr. Manhattan, that means Necron Jr. is blue, which is either weird or awesome. Food for thought!
  16. If he's not Dr. Manhattan, then he's The Grim Reaper. And that's awesome.

Reasons Why Jecht is Better

Dissidia Jecht

The manliest man on this entire page in this entire series in the universe.

I'm gonna beat you like I beat my son!

Jecht, to everyone else on this page.

I hate you dad!


Gonna cry again?


You two have some issues that need to be talked out


At least I get some then once a decade, have you SEEN Yuna? I've seen YOUR wife, and MAN, it looked like the crypt keeper came to visit!


That's my boy! Crush his spirit, make daddy proud!

Jecht on destroying self esteem
  1. He plays underwater soccer and somehow has huge gashes on his chest.
  2. He's an abusive dad. That's pure evil right there.
  3. He's probably the only person on this page that has ever had sex with a woman COMPLETELY NAKED. I know Garland boned Princess Sarah but he still had his helmet on.
  4. He became Sin.
  5. He's also the final aeon.
  6. He's not a total pushover, like Yu Yevon.
  8. He totally FARUKON PAUNCHed Firion.
  9. When Jecht, Captain Faclon, Chuck Norris and Solid Snake clash all unworthy of them will be destroyed.
  10. He and Captain Falcon once had sex. The result was Chuck Norris.
  11. He can beat up any other villain OR hero in Dissidia in a mere two minutes. Seriously
  12. He mastered the FARUKON PAUNCH.
  13. Seen that Japanese F-Zero anime scene? That's actually Jecht, but was reduced to a stunt double due to copywright issues.
  14. Jecht's actually a pretty nice guy. His final boss music gives you moral support while you're fighting him. Because you know you're going to need it.
  15. Otherworld. 'Nuff said.
  16. He's the best, bar none.
  17. He can throw laser beam.With his EYES
  18. When he attacks,time frezes for a second.Can you do that?
  19. His scars are from fighting Sin,Omega and Shinruy AT THE SAME TIME.How do you think he got those scars and ended up in Spira.

Reasons Why Seymour is Better

FFX Seymour Art

Seymour, a psycotic elf rip-off.

I am Maester Seymour Guado.



Everyone else.

I do!

That old geezer that acts as his ugly servant.

From the first time we met, I never really did like Seymour.

Tidus and what everybody else thought when we first see Kuj--I mean, Seymour


Flea losing it


Magus before wiping Flea out of existence with Dark Matter
  1. He's not Necron.
  2. How can we put this politely...well, there's nobody with hair quite like his!
  3. He got married after he died. That's not something you see every day.
  4. He killed his father and uses his mother for fighting.
  5. He slaughtered both the Ronso and the Al Bhed. That's two races. Count them: two. Kefka only managed one. , and Sephiroth just offed some girl with a fetish for crossdressers.
  6. He comes back to life three times. Only Exdeath and Jenova have him beat, and who gives a crap about Exdeath?
  7. His impersonations of godly creatures by far surpass every single apparition of similar creatures throughout the series, including a freak accident, a wuss, and an incredible mass of ego.
  8. He's the only FFX Villain on the page since someone had to get rid of Sin.
  9. He looks like a penguin.
  10. He manipulates all of Spira into thinking he is good. That's the whole friggin' world. Plus he implants lies into Yuna's mind like a pro. That makes people want to hate him. In a good way.
  11. He can summon the ultimate Aeon Anima. Come on! I mean can the sparkly crystal guy summon Ark? Can the fanboys' dream guy summon the Knights of the Round? Can the Joker-on-speed summon Crusader? That's what I thought.
  12. He was crazy enough to want to become Sin, a gigantic 1,000-eyed deformed whale. How psycho can one go?
  13. He forced Tidus to watch him KISS the love of Tidus's life. Now THAT'S evil for ya!
  14. His name is Seymour. The name just oozes evil. And campy flora-based showtunes.
  15. Seymour PWND the majority of Guado and made them his bitches.
  16. Seymour PWND the majority of Yevonites and made them his bitches.
  17. Seymour PWND his own mother Anima and made her his bitch. (Only for a short time, though.)
  18. There's no villian you will ever hate more. (More out of annoyence than evilness though.)
  19. He sounds like the lovechild of Winnie the Pooh and Michael Jackson. Sweet dreams!
  20. Seymour fights alongside your party at Mi'hen and casts spells you could only dream of that time of the game.
  21. The Black Mages remixed his song well.

Reasons Why Yu Yevon is Better

200px-Yu Yevon


THAT'S the final boss?

Everyone who ever played Final Fantasy X

Yeah, uh sorry about that guys but we were kind of drunk at the time...

Tetsuya Nomura, apologizing for this abomination

Good, now apologize for Dark King, random battles, and that sword that only does one damage a hit

Crazed fans demanding satisfaction

Now the sword we actually had a good reason for...

Nomura before dodging a Moltov Cocktail
  1. He's a giant, glowy tick! Ticks are cool, right guys?
  2. He's nice enough to cast Auto-Life on you the whole fight, what a stand-up guy!
  3. His armor is even cooler than Gabranth's!
  4. He terrorized the world as Sin for 1000 years.
  5. His daughter was the biggest slut in the entire series, until Cloud of Darkness' Dissidia artwork.
  6. Said daughter manages to look graceul despite wearing next-to-nothing...unlike a certain cloud...
  7. His death means the death of Tidus. That's a victory for the Tidus haters. Plus, how many Final Fantasy villians killed the main character at the end of the game? Has ExDeath killed Bartz, what about Ultimecia with Squall?
  8. His religion even lasted longer than Kefka's. Plus it still survived after his death. So Yu Yevon is greater than a pussy clown! Wait...
  9. He PWND Spira and made everyone in it his bitches.
  10. He PWND the Final Aeons of the Summoners and made them his bitches.
  11. He has an eye. This means he can see. I am sure I don't need to explain any further.

Reasons Why Shuyin is Better

FFX-2 Artwork Shuyin

Imposter time.

Couldn't protect a girl, so I'll destroy the world. MWAHAHAHAHA!

Shuyin in a nutshell.
  1. Has a reason to destroy the world actually.
  2. Uses a badass machina cannon to do it.

Reasons Why Shadow Lord Is Better



Yeah, I'm finally on the list!

Shadow Lord

You, leave now!

Emperor Mateus

Oh for the love of...I ditch the dark knight thing for FIVE MINUTES and you snatch it up...Screw you guy's, I'm going home...

  1. He started the Crystal War.
  2. Commands a vast army of beastmen.
  3. Tried to take over the world by eliminating all the human-like races of his world.
  4. He's got a nice set of horns.
  5. You can say that again ;D

Reasons Why Pandemonium Warden Is Better

File:Pandemonium warden.png

Hey, guys, sorry about that giant floating tick guy, let me make up for it!

Tetsuya Nomura

NOOOO! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? *vomits blood*

Everyone who has ever fought Pandemonium Warden
  1. It summons LAMPS!
  2. It has over 16 different forms.
  3. If you get too close to killing it, it induces vomiting.
  4. It was made out of pure contempt for MMORPG players.
  5. AFter being toned down, it still has ELEVEN different forms! Take that, every other boss on this page!
  6. No other character on this page can cause you, the player, physical pain. Well, except that one guy...
  7. It's so bad that he had to be toned down! Take that Fishy with time limit and only a million HP, Gray Bozo with 50-million HP, Clown with a big ego and silly name, and Penance! Oh I don't talk and none of those guys were toned down!
  8. It took 18 hours to fight him....and the group didn't even win!
  9. He KO the person playing the game in real life
  10. He is so fugly, that his picture has been deleted.
  11. He is to ugly,he had to have a new picture....its still ugly!

Reasons Why Vayne is Better

File:Final Fantasy XII-Vayne Solidor.png

Vayne was EVIL????

The cast of Final Fantasy XII


Every other Final Fantasy Character
  1. He wants to hug you, just look at him, you know he wants to, er, uh...
  2. He killed his daddy.
  3. He killed his two older brothers.
  4. He has a quintet of Judge Magisters under his command. All their shiny, kick-ass armor belongs to him.
  5. He merged his body with a box-kite. (What the HELL was that? He merged with a gas ball and became a DRAGON! How the hell does that work???)
  6. He's so bad he almost kills his little sister to become stronger, and gets his mouth disfigured because of it!
  7. He's so tough, he complains to a tombstone with eyes when his plans are failing...and is even willing to give up!
  8. He teaches the other villains a lesson in humility when it comes to hair care and styling!
  9. He's manlier than all the other post-FF5 villains combined!
  10. He fights like a monk, and as everyone knows, monks are awesome!
  11. He PWND the Archadian Empire and made them all his bitches!
  12. He wielded more swords than Gilgamesh without even TOUCHING them.
  13. If there is a sequel to Dissidia, his EX Mode is going to own the hell out of everything.
  14. Can somehow look like the man with the machine gun and still be evil.

Reasons Why Judge Gabranth is Better


1st Final Fantasy human villain smart enough to wear armor in combat.

No! You killed my brother!


I AM your brother!


NOOOOOO!!! Reks, what have you done?!


Reks, who's Reks?! It's me, Noah!


Oh, I'm not your bro, your bro's behind you.


Oh, sorry Basch, can't see with the helmet on.

  1. He killed Reks. (Can't call this an act of evil, but well...)
  2. He imprisoned Basch for two years.
  3. He's asthmatic, but he can still kick ass.
  4. The force is strong with this one...
  5. He is actually Luke Skywalker after realising a world without an evil dictator is no fun...
  6. ...Or maybe he's Basch when the others are not looking.
  7. He caused hell to three of your party members in just one night. Killed her daddy, killed his brother and blamed it all on the twin.
  8. The scene in the opening menu where Gabranth walks slow-mo with the judges is so badass that Squeenix couldn't afford to put it in the storyline.
  9. Gabranth is actually the leading man. Really. He started all the mess that happens in XII.
  10. They say Armaggedon happens when Gabranth, Kain, Basch, Kefka, and Golbez team up to overthrow God...
  11. ...And only the Badasses can survive it...
  12. Can you survive it?
  13. Ten bucks says you don't survive it.
  14. He has more reasons for his awesomeness than the FFXII REAL main villain and final boss.
  15. He's also another Darth Vader rip off.
  16. When Gabranth and Golbez clash to see who is the true Darth Vader of FF, none shall survive.
  17. Play as him in Dissidia. Nuff said.
  18. His swords can join together into a double blade. So that makes him a combination of Darth Vader/Maul fusion.
  19. His victory pose=MOST BADASS THING EVER.
  20. Dual Swords. That is all.
  21. He didnt die at the end. Square didnt make him the main villian like he shouldve been, so he killed off his character, thus ruining their chance at a good sequal.
  22. He's Golbezes twice removed third cousin.
  23. His punches can crack reality.
  24. His mortal enemy is a short evil laughing badass mage who speaks in rhymes. That simply adds to his awesomeness!
  25. If Golbez is Darth Vader, then Gabranth is his secret apprentice. That means that Gabranth is actually Starkiller. Do you have a name that badass? Didn't think so.
  26. And since Gabranth is also Starkiller, that means that Gabranth is the playable character in Force Unleashed -- something that even that overrated sap couldn't accomplish!
  27. You never expected fighting The Emperor, Golbez, Exdeath, Kefka, Sephiroth, Edea, Kuja and Sin since the first moment you saw them as much as you expected the battle with Gabranth.
  28. Hatred is wot drives him. All the hatred of the other villains COMBINED is so small they can't have a driving license.
  29. Even if they did they wouldn't be able to drive a Judge Magister.
  30. He sneaks behind the party in Pharos and manages to conceal the noise his armour makes. Well, why do you think he has Solid Snake's japanese voice?.
  31. He stole Darth Vader's breath. Name one person who can pull that off.
  32. Your life ends at his blade. Which means you'll never want to drop your pants while he's behind you.
  33. Now that you mention it, he for certain had sex with Balthier. What? Why else do you think he called him an executioner?
  34. His horns are so complicated you will never be able to understand where they are pointing.
  35. He's got some of THE best lines in Dissidia Duodecim: "KNOW THIS PAIN!!" "SURRENDER now to OBLIVION!!!"
  36. He'll cleave you!
  37. Out of everyone in Dissidia, he's the one who sounds most British, which automatically nets him massive points.

Reasons Why Feolthanos is Better

Feolthanos RW


Feolthanos Exultant RW


Hey look! A two winged angel!

Ultimecia, noticing the newcomer Feolthanos

Freaking RIPOFF!

Sephiroth, looking at Feolthano's Wings

Uh...Sephiroth, I believe I was the 1st One Winged Angel...


I had the song named after me!


Yeah, about that, Square Enix decided to create a sequel called Two-Winged Angel.


Oh you have got to be F@#&ing kidding me!

Sephiroth on the above
  1. He stole the anima of the Aegyl and hid in his house for 1000 years!
  2. He PWNED Judge of Wings and made her his bitch.
  3. He PWNED the Aegyl, his OWN race, and made them his bitches.
  4. He PWNED the Yarhi(Espers) and made them all his bitches.
  5. He's the ONLY final boss capable of reaching Level 99! Can you do that Sephiroth!
  6. Look at how huge his Final Form is!
  7. He saw the Judge Of Wings, saw how sexy she was, and stole her armor!
  8. He was too powerful to be in Final Fantasy XII. He PWNED The Undying
  9. He was able to hide in the skies...or space without anyone noticing.
  10. I think he can compress time too! Take that Ultimecia!
  11. Look at him, he has 2 wings! Sephiroth only has one!
  12. He was too cool to have his own Final Boss Theme, so he took The Undying's
  13. At SOME point, he had sex with a Viera.

Reasons Why Galenth Dysley is Better

Garens Daislir2

A False Prophet in disquise.

We won't be tools for your means to an end!


Ha-ha! I like your style. Let's destroy it all.


Shouldn't you retire or something?

  1. He uses propaganda to bend the people to his will while proclaiming himself as a servant of the people.
  2. He'll kill his own help for no good reason at all.
  3. Has a "I'll kill everyone you hold dear" solution to every problem.
  4. His true form.
  5. He's the good ol' superpope.
  6. His ultimate goal is to die.
  7. By the game's beginning, he was already the supreme god of all existence. Take that, Joker and Mama's boy!

Reasons why Orphan is Better

Orphan Profile

The Rule of Deceptive Power - the cuter it is, the more deadly it is.


Pretty much everyone

We'll go into nothingness, together.


Death is what all life truly desires.

Seymour Guado
  1. His first form is possibly the most awesome final boss design in all of Final Fantasy. Seriously, go find a picture of it!
  2. On the opposite (but no less awesome) end of the spectrum, his true form is the cutest final boss design in all of Final Fantasy. Which is actually a good tactic: while his enemies are going "Awwwww!" at the sight of a baby robot god thing, he kills them all.
  3. Also during his second form, not only is he invincible for most of it, but there's also a time limit while fighting him. Oh yeah - sh*t just got real.
  4. He tortures Fang and revives her multiple times. Why? Because he can! That alone makes him more badass than over 90% of the characters on this list.
  5. Suffers a bit from "coming in at the end of the plot" syndrome, but at least he's not Rita Repulsa or Dr. Manhattan.
  6. His name is actually three allusions in one: his name refers to an Orphan (which he is after his first form is defeated), he resembles the Ophannim (a class of wheel-like angels) and I hear there's a mahjong hand called the Thirteen Orphans (and what game does Orphan appear in?). And all three of those things (including the mahjong tiles) could easily take out the Tree of Life and some crazy author.
  7. It is a race against time to beat him!
  8. Orphan hates its life before even coming into being.

Reasons why Caius is Better

Caius Render FFXIII-2

Violet is the new black!

Protecting her at all cost?

  1. He impales moaning girl on his "sword", Shuyin doesn't do that.
  2. He creates paradoxes to destroy the timeline in order to save Yeul which actually threatens her very existence!
  3. He can transform into Fang's Eidolon!
  4. His sword isn't an oversized sausage.

Reasons Why Xagor is Better


It's coming to eat meee...

I do believe that I am being listed.



Pretty much everyone

Can I destroy it?

Cloud of Darkness


  1. Giant tentacle monsters ROCK.
  2. He can time travel! Chrono Trigger anyone?
  3. He doesn't need to be from a game people actually care about to be awesome.
  4. Can YOU tell me what he is? If not, he's automatically the best.
  5. He is the anti fangirl, thus he is infinitely better than anything else here.
  6. He's the flying spaghetti monster. Don't mess with his noodley appendage.

Reasons Why Delita Heiral is Better

FFT Delita2

Oh look, it's Final Fantasy's Number One Asshole! Hi, Asshole!

I will manipulate people and have them do my bidding so I become a hero and a sexy beast, like Austin Powers!

Delita on manipulation

Mayhap you forget people who manipulated YOU first...

Ramza on Delita's past

...Why are you all looking at me?!

Kairi on Delita's past
  1. He double-crosses everyone he knew, Church and all.
  2. This totally lost and pwned commoner becomes king, saves an entire kingdom, and screws a queen. None of the villains mentioned above manage all that.
  3. No one knows, but he was dating Valmafra Lenande when no one looked. No matter how much you deny it, when we were cut off from the screen the second Valmafra took out a knife, Delita had his way with her.
  4. He screwed around with Larg's and Goltanna's heads for half the game and then killed them both.
  5. He used his best friend to do all his dirty work while he slept on comfy beds.
  6. He killed his own wife.
  7. He was in a massive explosion and somehow survived. His sister saved him? Yeah right.
  8. He comes up with some of the best analogies ever seen and is quite the philosopher. And what in the flying name of fuck does that mean? Simple. Balthier has competition. Yeah.
  9. He can pull off wearing a corset. How else do you explain his tiny waist?
  10. He killed Algus Aerith Argath, to the delight of many.

Reasons Why Ultima the High Seraph is Better


Ah, after 1200 years I'm free! It's time to conquer Earth!

Ultima, upon being revived

Get in line!

Every Final Fantasy villain EVER.

Hey Baby, nice boots (Gets hit with Divine Ultima) I said BOOTS! (Gets hit again) DAMN IT!

  1. She's the Angel of BLOOD.
  2. For a sprite, she's kinda sexy...first form, anyway.
  3. She keeps swords in her hooker boots.
  4. She is the only female final boss to wear ANY kind of boots, let alone awesome hooker ones.
  5. She leads a small army of demons in an attempt to...well, we're not really sure what, but that just makes it even more badass.
  6. She is at least partly responsible for all of Ivalice's bloodshed.
  7. Her 2nd-in-command wants to revive her so bad that he commits suicide to complete her summoning ritual. Talk about dedication.
  8. This also means that unlike most villains, Ultima never has to kill her minions for being useless. They kill themselves FOR her. Because she's THAT fabulous.
  9. The first time she was killed, the repercussions destroyed all of civilization.
  10. She is an evil Jesus.
  11. She UPGRADED the Ultima spell.
  12. She's appeared in every main Ivalice Alliance game.
  13. Sephiroth only killed the resident innocent white mage girl. Ultima possessed her, used her body as the focal point of her ressurrection (the only Lucavi to circumvent her host's will, I might add,) aged her a hundred years, and then blew up the entire dimension that white mage was standing in. The chick barely escaped with her life.
  14. Also remember that said innocent white mage girl was the ONLY suitable host out of tens of thousands of people. Ultima is so ridiculously awesome that only one out of a million people is good enough to even be considered as her host body.
  15. Her death apparently sets off a dimension-destroying nuke.

Reasons Why Marche Is Better


Marche Radiuju, the ultimate asshole.

Screw you all, I'm making the world how I like it!

Marche to his friends

We have much to talk about. *winks*

Sephiroth on the above

I thought we had something special...

Cloud shattering the dreams of fangirls everywhere
  1. Unlike ANY of the other villains here, he SUCCEEDS in destroying the world (and staying alive after he did so).
  2. He tricks you into thinking he's the good guy.
  3. He has a bigger sword than Sephiroth. AND it looks like a glass pizza cutter.
  4. He's actually playable in the game of his origin.
  5. In fact, he's the friggin' main character.
  6. He's pretty damn good at snowball fights.
  7. He destroys the dreams of his best friend, and they still remain friends. What a slithering snake...
  8. He has a gigantic cow-lick. That's evil.
  9. He can manipulate the laws of battle with cards. Cards!
  10. He even got his friend's dad to help him destroy his friend's dream. That's even MORE evil.
  11. He is friends with an infamous law-destroying criminal.
  12. He forces his brother to become a paraplegic so he can have the world the way he wants.
  13. Marche PWND an entire continet, and made it his bitch
  14. Marche PWND Remedi, the embodiment of dreams, and made her his bitch
  15. Marche PWND Ritz and Shara, and guess what happened.

Reasons Why Queen Remedi is Better


Queen Bitch of the Universe

The Laws of Ivalice Mean Nothing!


WHAT?! THAT'S MY LINE- Oh! You said Ivalice, not Universe.

Exdeath, realizing what Remedi really said.

If your husband's a judge, he must not be around that often...(gets impaled by scythe) Ouch! Well I've heard that your Trance form is *wink* (gets hit with Alpha)...why do i even bother?


This is why we have Phoenix Down...

Kirle scraping the remains of Galuf off of the sidewalk
  1. She has two alternate forms: a scythe-wielding psychopath, and the embodiment of DREAMS.
  2. The laws of the land are her playthings.
  3. She spawned the most irritating character in her game, Mewt
  4. Her hubby is a drunk proto-Gabranth.
  5. She PWNED the judicial system, and made everyone in Ivalice her bitch.
  6. She once seduced Exdeath then decided to be like him afterwards.
  7. If you thought Llednar's Omega was strong, wait 'til you've seen ALPHA!!!
  8. She can destroy you with Magi noodles and dispel all your buffs by simply shining a piece of amber in your face!

Reasons Why Illua is Better


Samurai, mob boss, avid reader...

I am the hero of the tale...

Illua, on just who she is.

Hey, I thought I was the hero!

Luso, on the above quote.

Godfather..uh I mean godmother, I ask you for justice.

Exdeath, on getting retribution.

Someday, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me.


What kind of service (Wink)...OH SH... (Gets consumed by Neukhia)


Wait just a minute here! Who are you again?

Garland, on yet another Ivaliceian villain


Bartz, after waking up with a Chocobo head in his bed.


Exdeath, on the above.

No, seriously who are you?

Garland, still trying to find out just who Illua is.
  1. She's a bad ass samurai.
  2. She has her own exclusive job class, Nightshade bitches.
  3. The prettiest mob boss in all of Final Fantasy.
  4. At least she's not the Dork Dark King.
  5. She summoned Exdeaths roots, try doing that Golbez!
  6. If she uses Rebirth, the cycle continues.
  7. She PWNED her entire clan and made them all her bitch.

Reasons Why Neukhia is Better


And you thought that Xagor was random...

I never HAD to say anything, I'm just that badass!


Oh shit, I was trying to call Sephiroth!


Hey, it's my cousin.

Cloud of Darkness

Really? He's my uncle!


...Does that mean we're related?


I guess so.



  1. He's a bloody rift demon!
  2. He was summoned by what is essentially the Ivaliceian godfather.
  3. He has a little soul thing that is constantly teleporting and moving out of range. Annoying little runt.
  4. He went back to the good old ways by just being plain-out evil. None of that "world thread" bull from the last game.
  5. He can poke his hand through dimensions. Can you do that?
  6. He looks like a root monster, and when combined with Neo Exdeath he is part of the "ultimate dimensional tree combination." Which makes him TWO final bosses in one!
  7. Unlike many other final bosses, his Grand Cross actually HURTS!

Reasons Why Raem is Better


In Soviet Russia, Raem eat you. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Om nom nom memories.


I thought I was supposed to eat everything.

Cloud of Darkness on Raem

Om nom nom Cloud of Darkness.

Raem on Cloud of Darkness

...Get off me.

Cloud of Darkness on survival

I like Raem! He likes to eat his victims too!

Sephiroth on Raem

Sephiroth, sweetie, we talked about that after we killed that pink girl.

Jenova on cannibalism

I told you I didn't eat her, Mother! I meant Cloud!

Sephiroth on past meals

You never ate Cloud. He's still here.

Garland on logic

Why wouldn't he be?

Sephiroth on yaoi
  1. He's even more sparkly than Necron!
  2. He's also scarier than Necron. He doesn't just kill people: he becomes stronger when they suffer, enabling him to create more suffering, which makes him even more powerful. Given enough time, he would outpower every other villain on this list!
  3. He eats memories for breakfast.
  4. All the monsters in his game are created by him.
  5. Unlike almost everyone else on this list, he isn't just the final boss of his game: he's the STRONGEST boss of his game. There are no Ultima Weapons or Omega Weapons in Crystal Chronicles. You know why? RAEM ATE THEM FOR BREAKFAST!
  6. He doesn't have any sidekicks or underlings, because he doesn't NEED any sidekicks or underlings.
  7. Raem managed to hide inside of the object that the heroes were carrying around with them throughout the entire game, and if he hadn't revealed himself to them in order to protect his Miasma generator, they still wouldn't know he existed.
  8. Try to defeat him with a party consisting of one of each race. Now try to do it alone. Did you win either time?
  9. He eats memories for brunch.
  10. He eats memories for lunch.
  11. He eats memories for linner.
  12. He eats memories for dinner.
  13. He eats memories for supper.
  14. He drinks memories at teatime.
  15. He morphs with a glowey person. Shiny...
  16. If you have finished reading this entire section, you have probably forgotten about every other boss in the series. Automatically making him the best.

Reasons Why Galdes is Better

Ffccrof galdes screen

This is Galdes. Say hi. Hi, Galdes.

Look at me, I'm the Moongod! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Moongod? PFFFFFFFFFFT. I'm a REAL god. Stupid son of a submariner...

Kefka on nautical devices

You can't defeat me as long as I have my friends!

Yuri on overused plot devices

Your name is hot.

Cu Chaspel on Yuri's name

I've told you five hundred times, I won't do that.

Cloud of Darkness on Yuri's name

Somebody is going to have to explain that one to me

Onion Knight

Maybe when you're older, kid.

  1. According to his theme, he's the Pope. ...Of course, that doesn't mean much if you're not Roman Catholic, but still...
  2. Nobody else has a beard that awesome.
  3. He creates infinite worlds that he rules over. Everyone else just wanted to rule one world, but this guy goes the extra mile.
  4. Galdes pulled the moon closer to the earth (suck on that meteor loving Seproth) and absorbed the power of it, apposed to Zemus who sulked inside it, not actually killing anybody PERSONALLY!
  5. You've heard The Final Battle, you've heard the Decisive Battle, but Galdes' final boss theme is called the FINAL DECISIVE Battle. What, too awesome for ya?

Reasons Why Dark Lord is Better


That's Dark LORD, not king. You can all put away your torches and pitchforks.

I'm raising my little girl to follow in my footsteps.

Dark Lord on being a good father.

Hey, I'm raising my little girl to follow in my footsteps too!


Wait, I thought you had a son?

Dark Lord

So did I, but man was I wrong.


Hey Bro, wassup?

Dark King

Bro? I don't know who the hell you are! (Drags the Dark king away from from everyone else) Would you shut up, I don't want these guys to know were related. It's embarassing.

Dark Lord
  1. He's an evil king who can summon and control monsters.
  2. Unlike a certain surfer bum he's a good dad.
  3. He looks like the bastrd son of Garland and Golbez.
  4. Even as a heart in a crystal, he managed to manipulate events.
  5. Unlike Galdes or Larkeicus, he managed to get some.
  6. Its hammertime!

Reasons Why Larkeicus is Better

FFC EoT Rakiex

I'll get you my pretty! And your little cat, too!

Ya! I'm so damn old!!


Rack off and die!

CoD, Jenova, and Chaos


Larkecius, after being hit in the nuts by Garland

Well I guess thats why we don't have lots of mini Larkecius's running arround the planet


Thank god!

every other character in the FF universe
  1. He's the only FF villan to look really old and not look completely stupid
  2. He OWNED Bitchy little cat woman for, like TWO THOUSAND FRIGGIN' YEARS
  3. He's from Russia (or at least his accent is from there)
  4. Just look at his weird hand. He could brutally slap the dark king thousands of times. Now, isn't that worth giving him some credit.
  5. He minipulates sixteen year olds!
  6. He can relate to parents, considering how old he is....
  7. He's immortal, (Yes, even though he died) and can make other people, who are immortal too!

Reasons Why King Leo is Better


Attention everyone, your majesty has arrived


Girl, take your sister and leave, this is no place for little girls.


Your majesty is not a girl!


At last, someone who understand my pain

Kuja hugging to Leo


Leo crying for help

Damn it Kuja, I am NOT dealing with another sexual harassment lawsuit...Come on, I'll buy you a Queen album if you drop the kid.

  1. He became the reagent of his own kingdom, before puberty.
  2. He's the last person you'll believe is a threat.
  3. He's the main character in his game... wait, what?
  4. He's not only the final boss, he is also the super boss of his game.
  5. He shot stars, but not the giant fireballs of doom type, just stars... of colors...

Reasons Why Jegran is Better

Ffcc-tcb character jegran

Only I can rule over all.


Fade with your kin.


You are not the chosen one.


You're nuts!

  1. His intentions were pure (Tribal Pride-wise) at the start before he goes fantical.
  2. He sees all non-Lilties as scum and Lilities with morality as cowards.
  3. He used the Lilty military as his secret police and went off after anyone who knew his secret
  4. He has the "crystal touch."
  5. He attempted to kill off his own kind while becoming a god.

Reasons Why The Other Chaos Is Better

Chaos FirstForm


The Original Chaos

Your outfit looks gay.


Look who's talking, chap.

This Chaos
  1. Nice outfit.
  2. Learned how to use spells other Final Bosses know.
  3. Can make the original Chaos look bad.

Reasons Why Dark King is Better


Who called HIM here?!

Seymour Guado

You disgusting dungheap! You ph41l!

Every Final Fantasy villain known to man

I really don’t even know why I’m here.

Dark King

Then go away!


I would, but I'm on the list. Now I gotta start Internet memes related to me.

Dark King

Who WOULD do that?


Fanboys, I guess.

Dark King on losers


Cloud of Darkness

THIS is why I wanted to kompress time.




QUICK! Call the ambulance! Garland just fainted!!!

Emperor Mateus Palamecia

He's on here, and I don't get to be? Real nice, guys...REAL nice!!!

Yu Yevon

Does this mean he's cooler than I am??



Squall, on Dark King

Squall, why are you all quiet aga--OH.

Rinoa, on Dark King.!!

Tidus, crying upon seeing Dark King

I'm not even in the Final Fantasy SERIES and I still am more worthy of being here...



Onion Knight

Can I eat it?

Quina before he eats Dark King and gets food poisoning.


Any FFVIII character who uses Eden's Devour ability on Dark King

Nobody likes you. Everybody hates you. Why don't you go eat worms!

Every FF character known to man


Zidane on Quina trying to eat the nastiest thing in existence.

Get off the page little pest, Got it memorized? Get the Hell outta here!

Axel, trying to get Dark King away for good while hitting Dark King with yogurt.

Okay, now I'm here. This still doesn't solve the fact that this... thing... is.


That old Dark King's no match for the King!

CD-i Link on the CD-i King being cooler than the Dark King

Well, I'm the Octopus King! Or at least octopus royalty! That makes me more of a tentacle monster than any goofball spider-ish thing that Square's staff probably came up with at the last minute when one of them stepped on something by accident! Tentacle x 8^2!!!

Ultros on royalty and tentacle monsters before smashing the Dark King to a pulp.

Sorry about that one...Me and Rosie O, you know...and, wouldn't you know it, six years later. This thing popped out



Chrono on Dark King, and everything else


NARF on killing that... thing

Man, I want to be a meme...

Dark King

Okay.. You shall be honored Feces, for you are an annoyance ruining my date with KujIn the name of the terrible power of the Dark! Who or WHAT in bloody hell made THAT?

Sydney Losstarot, finding something not even the Dark would make
  1. He’
  2. He’s really a giant spider with tentacles. Yay tentacles!
  3. The big prophecy deal in the game was a rumor spread by him.
  4. He uses his tentacles to rape his subjects, like Final Fantasy's Biggest Airhead.
  5. No one knows his objectives or motives, so he's a reserved villain who also possesses the same qualities as Genesis Rhapsodos: he irritates you, annoys you, and makes you truly hate him with a passion. Go on, I dare you to talk to him about villainy methods for five minutes. He's so freaking irritating, he doesn't have anything!
  6. With the "lame story" method, Dark King has earned the hatred and scorn of every Final Fantasy fan, which makes him the best villain around. Seriously. No one here does that--they all have fanboys/fangirls! He doesn't!
  7. He will live from now and forever, in an endless cycle of rebirth. He is condemned in each life to be HATED. FEARED, SCORNED, PUNISHED! AND OBLITERATED! (We have to try and humor Drake Clawfang, who absolutely hates Mystic Quest with a passion. And if you don't get the reference from here...we'll find you.)
  8. He doesn't need a story to be evil. He's so evil he can just be evil and get away with it because he's evil enough to do, yeah, evil. EVIL!!!!!!
  9. He makes Drake wanna go Chaotic Evil on us all. His mere existence inspires more evil to arise across the globe!
  10. He's not Seymour.
  11. He has the highest nuber of quotes before his entry of the entire page. And they're aaaall about how much he sucks.
  12. He's a spider tentecle demon. Think about that for a second: a spider tentcle demon! That's wrong on so many levels!
  13. He's not only the villain of a Final Fantasy game, but of the entire fandom as well!

Reasons Why Axel Is Better


Axel, sharing his favorite catchphrase

YES, now stop stalking me!

Roxas, getting tired of "Akuroku"


Axel's greeting to Sora.

You look horribly familiar...


What the hell? You're not a villain! You're not even from Final Fantasy! PRETTYBOY!

Kefka, on annoying posers

Why am I not on this page? Surely the leader deserves the spot!

Xemnas disappointed that Axel and his Heartless are on here and not him.

Who the hell said YOU could hang out with us?!?

The Final Fantasy Villains, shortly before they kicked Xemnas out of their Clubhouse.

You too huh? Hey, I know a good yoghurt place...

Dark King

...Get away from me, loser.


...Wasn't that a bit..harsh? No wonder your not on this page.

Dark King

I am a Nobody...beings of nothingness and no heart. You must understand that I must not feel even-

Xemnas, about to make another long speech.

SHUT UP!!!!!!

Everyone on this wiki and his own agreeing that Dark King is somewhat "better" than Xemnas.

Ha!! I'm more popular than my leader. That's awesome!

Axel on his popularity after Xemnas had to leave.
  1. He has flaming red hair, a big relief for all of those silver haired people.
  2. If Kairi can be here surely Axel has the right.
  3. He is a Nobody, meaning he normally can't feel remorse or feelings. That means everyone else on here is a wuss because they have a heart.
  4. He burst into flames to save the keyblade wielder nobody likes.
  5. He controlled two weapons at once. And fire. Fire is hot just like him.
  6. He cried when Roxas and him parted for the final time, that takes true heart. He is the only villian with enough balls (or other) to cry and show his face and also the only Nobody to cry without hiding behind his somebody.
  7. He let one of Xaldin's spears wizz by him and not even flinch about, especially considering a few strands of his gorgeous hair was cut off.
  8. His catchphrase, "Got it memorized?" is completely obnoxious, and WILL get stuck in your head. Got it memorized?
  9. He can spell Xemnas I mean.
  10. He only flees for his life because he finds it degrading to be a Dusk.
  11. He looks like Reno which means he is badass.
  12. Did I mention he is sexy?
  13. He kidnapped Kairi, while she was awake.
  14. Quinton Flynn (AKA, Raiden) voices him! How manly is that?
  15. He completely out-manipulates everyone else in Chain of Memories, a game with nothing BUT schemers!
  16. He says "hell" in a Disney game! Never mind that Maleficent said it before video games came into existence, it's still impressive he got away with it.
  17. His anorexic, femininely figure is why we all love him, plus he is easily recognizable with those skinny sleeves and arms.
  18. He makes Vexen burst into flames with the SNAP of his fingers, no joke, he has the Godly fingersnap!
  19. He's probably Reno's nobody, as according to Nomura, his original name was "Ale", Reno's favorite alcohol...
  20. He has totally sexy green eyes.
  21. There is more yaoi of him than ANYONE else on this page.
  22. He killed three other Organization members.
  23. He didn't get taken down by Marluxia.
  24. You love his voice.
  25. Wasnt afraid to hurt Namine to get to Marluxia.
  26. Pwns 1,000 Nobodies with a Self Destruct *Pokemon battle music victory* (BTW faster than Sora killed 1000 Heartless
  27. He is a high rank in the Organization.
  28. He is manlier than Riku.
  29. He probably did some things to Kairi (and Namine) while no one was looking.
  30. He may be "weak" but he didnt die by Sora's hand, he died in a blaze of glory (and still managed to be a ghost.)
  31. Even thought his Somebody has a girl's name he is still one of the manlier guys on this page.
  32. He's related to Sonic the Hedgehog! Wait...

Reasons Why Ansem Is Better


Darkness Kingdom Hearts Light Darkness Keyblade Heart Darkness Darkness Darkness

Ansem reciting his vocabulary


Kefka, on villains from the wrong series

Yeah, don't you have your own wiki? Go annoy someone who cares.

Golbez on Ansem, when it became apparent that he was a jackass
  1. He's actually the main villain of the KH series. If Kairi can get on here, surely Ansem can!
  2. He PWNED his master and made him his bitch.
  3. He PWNED Riku and made him his bitch.
  4. He destroyed countless numbers of worlds, whereas some villains struggle to destroy ONE.
  5. He PWNED his fellow apprentices and made them his bitches.
  6. His name isn't an anagram of Mansex, unlike SOME people.
  7. Manlier than a large portion of this page.
  8. SUBMIT!
  9. He says Darkness more than 1,000 times throughout the entire game.
  10. His real name, Xehanort, is an anagram of "No Heart" with an x added to it. Yeah, it sounds like the name of a Care Bears villain, uh, shut up!
  11. His smoldering amber eyes uh, gold eyes are PURE SEXY EVIL!
  12. He commands thousands of Heartless to do his bidding.
  13. He PWNED Riku and made him his bitch.
  14. He PWNED the Princesses of Heart and made them his love slaves - uh, bitches.
  15. He's got silver hair, and as Sephiroth and Kuja have silver hair, this obviously means Ansem is awesome.
  16. He can pull off wearing a pale yellow skirt. (Well, it DOES look like one from behind)
  17. He can wear a heart emblem on his chest and STILL look manly.
  18. Even after his Heartess died in KH1, his Nobody was still around to cause trouble in KH2.
  19. Uuuuuh... DARKNESS!!!!
  20. No, his silver hair/shirtless combo is NOT a ripoff of Sephiroth.
  21. Even after he dies, he still controls Riku. Thats awesome, possession beyond the grave. Sephiroth never did that.
  22. All this stuff he did without having his own body.
  23. He creeped out Sora to death when he appeared on Destiny Islands.
  24. Can get away with saying DARKNESS 100 times in each sentence.
  25. The anagram of his real name means "No Heart" or "Another" thats better than Mansex.
  26. He tries to rape Riku with some very pedophilic lines in CoM. We all know Riku is his bitch.
  27. Drake proved he was Golbez. Go check his Youtube channel.

Reasons Why End Game Is Better

Page Blank!

End Game in Vandal Mode

Your spelling sucks, and your grammar is worse.

End Game in Assist Mode

E-N-D G-A-M-E ... Got it memorized?

End Game imitating Axel

That's my line!

Axel on the above quote
  1. She is the Optional Boss of FFWiki. None have yet defeated her.
  2. Despite being struck down and banned a dozen times, she continues to strike back.
  3. She can blank more pages faster than all the mods can undo her work.
  4. She can fix more misspellings than anyone else.
  5. She has two forms, Vandal Mode and Assist Mode, both of which are equally deadly.
  6. She shows up at random* intervals throughout the game.
  7. Once struck down, she waits until your back is turned, then attacks for Back Attack bonus damage.
  8. She is a dragon goddess.
  9. She was the only boss Hecko X ever threatened to call in the Wikia site admin against.
  10. She was also the only boss Cluna wanted to kill with one Cross-Slash Limit Break.
  11. She will help you up with one hand while stabbing you in the back with the other.
  12. She is hands down, full blown, bat shit CRAZY.
  13. She has twice the ego Kefleka could dream of.
  14. When you fight her, the background (AKA "the page") turns blank, giving you the creeps before you even fight her.
  15. She doesn't even have a specific form.
  • Random intervals are actually based on number of steps. Every 123,456,789 steps taken, she shows up 4x stronger than before.

Reasons why Sora is better

  1. "Every heart is connected to Sora". That means he has been planning the entire KH chronology the whole time.


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