eScape (エスケープ ~次元の狭間オメガ:アルファ編~) est l'un des thèmes de combat contre Oméga dans Final Fantasy XIV. Ce thème est composé par Masayoshi Soken, les paroles sont écrites par Michael-Christopher Koji Fox et sont interprétées par ce dernier et Masayoshi Soken.

"A Long Fall" est une variation de ce thème.


A drifting tender
Come ride, heroes, ride
Her galleon severed
Away with the tide
The stormhead gathers
Come ride, heroes, ride
Illusions scattered
Away with the tide
Do weathered warriors wander their way wither wanting wonders wait
Hark the heralds, anchors aweigh! Hither happens mine escape
Freedom forgone, sinking apace. Comets crumble, Phoebus fades
Under cosmic clamor decayed, hides a path untaken
Ancient echoes
Come ride, heroes, ride
In deafening silence
Away with the tide
A wave of hazard
Come ride, heroes, ride
A-whorling inward
Away with the tide
Stellar stories starward bestrewn, slipping sidewise, see, they're snakes
Twixt the leaves you'll find naught amiss-missing aughts and crossing fates
Freedom surgent shifting ahead, comets dancing in her wake
To the cosmic clarion's accord, along the path not taken
Try, dare the dead tread ahead on a road that is borrowed
Design, through the sum of their sons do they seek tomorrow
Tonight, witness then as the end shall begin what was final
Their lies, folding back, further back, ever back to primal

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