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Seven is a playable character in Final Fantasy Type-0, and one of the main characters of the same game.


Seven is a member of Class Zero, a group of students from the Peristylium Suzaku, the Magic Academy of the nation of Rubrum, that fight the invasion of Rubrum by the Milites Empire. As part of the resistance operation "Operation Apostle", she and her comrades seek to become the Agito, a messiah prophesied in ancient mythology to appear at the time of Finis, an apocalyptic calamity.


Seven is a young woman with short, silver hair. Like all Class Zero members, she wears a uniform that consists of a black jacket and a red skirt with shorts underneath, but doesn't wear a red cape. While her expressions are somewhat cold, she is kind and good-natured. It is because of this personality that she has won popularity with the underclassmen at the Suzaku Peristylium. She is attributed the number 07 in Class Zero.


Seven wields a sword-whip in battle. It is able to come apart and damage enemies at both close and long range. She is seen performing acrobatic moves to attack her opponents. Her Special Attack is Catch (キャッチ, Kyacchi) and it seems to ignore elevation differences between Seven and her enemies.




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